Dark Souls: Mod brings & quot; Gun Game & quot; from Counter-Strike

Dark Souls and Counter-Strike: A couple that no one can separate. Moment: You believe in this combo is something wrong? Then let me tell you this news, as the gloomy RPG and shooter now become a unit.

512Dark Souls

For almost five years, there is Dark Souls for PC. One year longer even for PS3 and Xbox 360. But the community is far from tired or sick. The user always think up new challenges or runs to get the most out Dark Souls. Much of it also make up mods that make the RPG completely upside down. After it already in the last few days &# 8220; Epic Sax Guy&# 8221; was -Mod, now comes the &# 8220; Gun Game&# 8221 ;.

Epic Sax Guy in Dark Souls

Under a &# 8220; Gun Game&# 8221; is understood in a shooter game mode in which you start with a bad weapon and get a better weapon for each launch. Will you get caught by an enemy with the knife, your rank and thus your weapons level decreases. A similar principle has now User &# 8220; bqm11&# 8243; the Mod &# 8220; DaS_GG&# 8221; realized. For every slain enemies in Dark Souls 1 there is better equipment and several Level donated.

If your hero does &# 8211; which indeed happen again in Dark Souls than enough &# 8211; it goes back one step down. Each level is randomly generated from a pool of weapons and character values. The perfect challenge for those who have mastered several times Dark Souls. The mod can be found on Reddit and then download a file in Google Drive. For instructions, also on Reddit.


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