View with Android & Windows devices iPhone-8 event now

In a few moments Apple introduces new smartphones. If Apple can do with the iPhone or iPhone 8 X the Samsung flagship competition? Who wants to look outside the box, can follow the Apple event via a live stream and live ticker at 18:30.

View with Android and Windows devices, the iPhone-8 event now

The live ticker of the iPhone Events

The technical requirements for the live stream of the Apple event today, September 12, 2017 was officially requires a Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV. In addition, Apple has for two years now, the transmission also officially for Windows computers at. needed a PC with Microsoft Windows 10 Edge.

With an unofficial method can the stream on an older Windows system, all Android or elderly Apple devices. It worked, at least in the past, so and should work this time - the instructions see next. Moreover colleague Ben locally in the US, GIGA offers a live ticker.

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Watch Apple Event on Android and Windows devices with VLC

The official live stream of Apple starts a few minutes ago The event begins at 19:00. For the live stream on Android or Windows devices the VLC Player (Windows Download) or similar application is necessary. For Android, the app is available for free here in the Play Store:

VLC for AndroiddownloadQR codeVLC for AndroidDeveloper: VideolabsPrice: Free

If the player is installed on the system, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the VLC player.
  2. Click in the menu bar mediaOpen Network Stream (Or shortcut Ctrl + N). In the app the rider can be found on the hat after clicking.
  3. Copy the URL field now the address of the event stream into it. It is mostly known shortly before the event begins. Presumably it is this:
  4. Click on Open / Play, and a short time later, the stream should start. If necessary, the stream must again renewed or the player to be restarted in the event starting at 19 o'clock.

Alternative for users of Google Chrome - without jerking

Since the VLC player can come into bucking in the stream, there is an alternative for users of Google Chrome:

  1. Install the Chrome extension "Native HLS playback"
  2. Click on the stream URL, probably this:

Live Scores for iPhone Event 2017

At 18:30 We report in a German Live Scores on the Previews from Apple. Our colleague Ben is this live on location in California, Steve Jobs in theater. About your opinion about the products we are looking forward to the comments in the articles on GIGA APPLE. Click here for the Live Ticker:

For Live Scores of Keynote

For each operating system: Keynote in video podcast

Should not work there or is just a follow-up time to look at the presentation, you can call the Keynote as a video podcast for free in the iTunes store and on Apple's website a few hours after the event. The presentations can be found here: Apple podcasts (Standard) in iTunes * / Apple podcasts (Full-HD) in iTunes *.


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