NBA 2K17: All Badge – So you switched the improvements released

Like every year, you have the chance you some badges in NBA 2K17 (English. Badges) unlock and thus allow your players better skills and special promotions. Once purchased, you can even upgrade the badge. What are there and how can you get them, we show in this NBA 2K17 Badge Guide.

The badge in NBA 2K17 are in principle on any player. When selecting your archetypes but you lay additionally each five special badges determine which her to up Gold Level you can upgrade. Unfortunately, you do not choose this on their own, but they are tied to your archetypes. Many of the badge will you can unlock in the course of a season. For that you have indeed been careful to focus the respective actions, but most of these fit anyway very well to your playing style.

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NBA 2K17: All badges and unlocks in the overview

The badge in NBA 2K17 differ in two categories. One is from Improvements of your skills and the other gives you personal bonuses for mental influences on your contemporaries and opponents on the court. Furthermore, there are badges for My Park mode or, should have granted access to it all other badges, Hall of Fame badge. In our guide, we go for the time being only on the badge for the My Career mode.

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Badges for playmaker

badgeeffectUnlock condition
passerBecome the Elite Passer, who almost always finds its team members.Achieve 300 assists in a season.
Lob City passerYour passes for alley-oops are einfah accurate.Fits 50 successful alley-oops in a season
AnklebreakerYou let often stumble opponent through your dribbling.reaches 200 &# 8220; double Move leads to point&# 8221; with an assist in a season.
spectacular PasserYour passes are just crazy good!Makes 50 spectacular passes in a season.
Pick & roll MaestroYou are creating you a lot of space by a Pick & Roll.Calls 100 blocks / screens.
Breakfast starterYou are known to quickly launch a counterattack.


Badges for defenders

badgeeffectUnlock condition
pickpocketYou are known for their your opponent can hit the ball out of his hand.Strike the ball 50 times from the hands of the enemy.
Defense stopperLimits the offensive skills of opponents.
ring protectorExcellent shot blocker worsens the throws of opponents.
charge CardVery adept at provoking an offensive foul.Provoked 7 Charging fouls.
block EvadersAn agile player, the opposing blocks evades easily.
ball huntersExcellent-Shot Blacker in Trasition Game.
Hustle rebounderAn elite rebounder.


Inside Scorer badge

badgeeffectUnlock condition
acrobatYou can change your throw uncomplicated.Meet 50-100 Euro-step- or change of hands-throws
Tear DropperYour perfected floaters and runners.Meet 100-200 floaters.
putback KingYou are known to score right after a rebound.Scores often from putback situations.
Pick & scooterVery skilled scorer in Pick & Roll situations.Scores as a block plate 100-200 times.
ruthless finisherCloses in spite of physical resistance from without major problems.tries to score points by 50-100 times layups or dunks with contact.
Post spin techniciansYour dominated in the post, and with your post spin moves.Scores 100 times out of the post.
drop stepperYou are known for your drop step.Achieved 50-100 Drop Steps.
Dream Up and UnderYour perfected Up & Under moves.Tried Up 50 & Under in a season.

again town

outside Scorer

badgeeffectUnlock condition
corner specialistYou are known to sink throws out of the corner.Sunk 25 3 from the corner.
Middle distance sniperYou are known to meet middle distance throws with a high chance.Meet 150-200 middle distance throws despite defense.
Unlimited SniperYou hit shots from far behind the 3-line.Meet 50 throws far behind the 3-line.
Deep RangeYou hit shots from long range with high probability.Meet 100 shots behind the 3-line, despite defense.
Pick and PopperMost effective Pick & Pop situations.Points 200 times to pick & Pop situations.
difficult throwsYou are known to make difficult throws itself.Meet 100-200 throws after dribbling moves.
Catch and Shootcatch & Shoot throws are very effective.Scores 100-200 times after you stood still and you get a passport.


athletics badge

badgeeffectUnlock condition
Lob City FinisherHigh chances of success in alley-oops.Scored 50 alley-oops
PosterizerMore often, success in dunks over defenders away.Scored 15 Contact dunks
bullycan your physical strength bounce opponents and lowers her strength value.Provides 100 blocks / Screens
brick wallYou plant insurmountable blocks / screens.Provides 100 blocks / Screens
A man FastbreakVery strong Coast to Coast players.Scores 75 times in the fast break.


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