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look for Facebook groups is quite well hidden and without the knowledge hard to find - it is supposed to be people who do not use Facebook. We show you, therefore, how can you look at the social media platform targeted groups and find. Also, we show you here: Facebook group delete - How is&# 8217; s done.

Search Facebook groups and find - Here's

Facebook Groups by search box

After you've logged you on Facebook, give her your search term into the Facebook search box at the top of the window one, about &# 8220; Windows&# 8221 ;. However, its your search does not confirm it with the Enter key. has instead waiting until the preview window folded down and then selects the entry from the bottom: &# 8220; More results for &# 8216; Windows&8217; Show&# 8221 ;. A new page opens, which now allows a navigation in the left margin of the election result type. Clicking over there on now &# 8220; Groups&# 8221 ;, all Facebook groups indicate that have to do in our example with Windows. The button &Join; # 8220&# 8221; each group can you be a member there. To search for other groups, you go again before in this way.

Delete Facebook group - Sun is&# 039; s done

group lookup is designed by smartphone a little more comfortable, since Facebook has released its own app specially for this: Facebook Groups. With it you your groups organized on any topic and shares with them information, pictures and links.

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Manage Facebook groups with Facebook Groups App

The Facebook group management is also different. Facebook has it specially launched a separate app, centrally managed with her your Facebook groups and remains in contact with them.


  • join groups
  • Create groups on various topics
  • Sharing information
  • Photos and post links

Facebook Groups App: For group communication


The app was not found in the store.The app was not found in the store.


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