Zelda – Breath of the Wild: defeat Ganon Thunder Curse – Boss Guide (with video)

Ganon's thunder curse is one of the sub-bosses in Zelda: Breath of the game, which is opposite to you from the nasty Ganon to hinder your adventure. With the right tactics, however, it can be overcome well and we will show you in this article how we did it.

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There are several sub-bosses of Ganon and master all a special element. If it is possible to defeat you all, the Ganon is extremely weaken in the final battle. You meet the thunder curse at the end of Vah-Naboris dungeons and should set you on a hard shell, because this curse has a very strong defense.

In our video you can see the complete Vah-Naboris Dungeon:

2411Zelda - Breath of the Wild: Vah-Naboris dungeon completely solved

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Boss Guide for Ganon's thunder curse

Unfortunately, you can not expect much from your ranged weapons. Ganon's thunder curse is one tough cookie, the arrowheads or -bombs nothing can harm. Its electrical attacks are fast and can handle your plate. therefore take as much healing as possible in the fight.

Strategy against bosses

Not only the electrical attacks can be dangerous to you. but Ganon thunder curse is also very agile and can move quickly, while it is well protected by his shield. At the beginning of the fight he dominated those skills in the first phase:

  • In the melee Ganon thunder curse is often a Teleport use to confuse you. It is difficult to anticipate its movement. However he is, while the zigzag movement, the right of you, should you shift to the rear. Even more effective it is, if its a Slow motion activated, blocks his attack and counters. So can cause you much damage and himself insert anything.
Zelda Breath of the wild thunder curse bossesOnce Ganon thunder curse is about at this point, you should avoid.
  • Ganon's thunder curse sometimes starts after a teleport a Spin attack, which her with a Backflip can escape.
  • The third attack &# 8220; hurls&# 8221; the boss slow thunder balls against you, which can bounce off walls. so be careful as you can while dodging easily, they can unexpectedly catch you from behind, however.

Do you want to damage the thunder curse ought ye to the Slow motion focus. However, there is also the possibility to to destroy the shield boss. Uses its best one lance, but remember that the durability the weapon will suffer extreme.

The second phase of Ganon Donner curse

The second phase of the boss fight starts as soon as you him 50% vitality have withdrawn. From then on it is great metal pillars swear that attract its electrical forces. This creates flashes that you hurt tremendously can. uses your magnet module, to pillar to pull out of the ground and bring it to Ganon's thunder curse. In this way, he himself is struck by lightning and suffer damage.

defeat Ganon thunder curseBring the pillars back to Ganon's thunder curse.

Have you Ganon thunder curse added to a pier damage, the fight will go back into the known order. However, it happens now that his Weapon charge with electricity. This you can not protect your shield you. Only a wooden sign would be possible. Otherwise, you can only dodge or flee from them to the attacks. Once the electrical charge disappears, you can as usual to go in the melee.

In this video, we present to you our approach before:

1043Zelda - Breath of the Wild: Ganon thunder curse

You can also in the second phase, try to destroy the shield of Ganon, if you is not too big a risk. Have you yet found another tactic on how to best defeat Ganon thunder curse? Then your knowledge tells us in the comments.

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