repair Outlook: How Windows

Outlook from the office suite from Microsoft is one of the first points of contact when it comes to manage mails, appointments, and more. If the program under Windows no longer wants to start, there is the possibility to repair Outlook. The application comes with this board own means.

Here we show you how to fix Outlook if the program crashes or does not want to start until.

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Outlook repair of errors and crashes

If the program does not start, you have first to fix bugs other ways before it goes to a slightly more complex repair:

  • Starts the computer and examined whether the problem persists.
  • Particularly add-ins may be responsible for crashes and other errors. Outlook starts in safe mode to run the program without additional settings and functions

repair Outlook: How Windows

If these solutions do not bring help, proceed as follows to perform the repair Outlook:

  1. Includes Outlook if the program should be open.
  2. The system controller to Windows.
  3. outlook-ModifySelects here the "Programs and Features" section of.
  4. Searches the entry for the Office program that is to be repaired out.
  5. In this way you can fix next Outlook and Excel, Word and Co..
  6. Select "Change."
  7. You will see a new window with the query "What do you want to repair your Office programs."
  8. Selects the "Online Repair". Using the Internet connection missing or corrupted data is loaded and set up.
  9. Alternatively, you can select the "quick fix". This works faster but less reliable.
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So you can repair Outlook quickly and easily

In this way, erroneous Outlook files can be replaced under Windows without the program, first remove and then having to re-install. The repair pathway described works for both current versions of Outlook as well as older versions like Outlook 2010. In ancient versions of Outlook to 2007, the repair function on the "Help" menu can be called. This requires that the program mentioned above was launched in "safe mode".

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