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SNAFU is an expression that can be heard from time to time on the Internet or in movies and series. This is an acronym whose meaning, however, is not determined at a glance. Many readers ask therefore: What exactly is this SNAFU? We explain it to you in this guide - but this much ever anticipated: This is not about a compliment.

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On the Internet, social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp abound these days of abbreviations with which users facilitate communication. Frequently used terms or phrases are thereby simplified by shortening, the so-called acronyms, to facilitate the typing of whole words. Many of these terms are originally from the English-speaking world and land thanks to the Internet, Hollywood and US series at some point in our &# 8211; so also in the case of SNAFU.

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SNAFU: Meaning &# 8211; what does that mean? explained easily

SNAFU is an acronym, i.e. a word creation in which a new word is formed by contracting the first letter of an expression. In the case of the SNAFU is the set &# 8220;Situation Normal, All Fucked Up&# 8220 ;. In German the means something like: &# 8220; normal position, all in the ass&# 8221 ;.

With SNAFU a situation is referred to, which is serious but not hopeless &# 8211; you could also speak of a kind of gallows humor with which it ascribes to itself in the face of impending danger even courage. This makes perfect sense in SNAFU also &# 8211; the term originally comes from the soldiers jargon that are known to be regularly in such situations.

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Where does the term SNAFU?

When the term SNAFU was used for the first time, can no longer clearly prove. but it is clear that the abbreviation in the US Army before or during the Second World War was coined.

  • US soldier Don Taylor, according to he invented the term in 1941 while serving in the 160th Infantry Regiment at Camp San Luis Obispo, California.
  • A real proof there but only for the year 1942, when Col. Frank Capra on behalf of the Army Film Division  Armed Forces Motion Picture Unit a character called SNAFU for the Army-Navy Screen Magazine devised.
  • Between 1943 and 1945, 28 short black and white cartoons appeared with the title &# 8220; Private Snafu&# 8221; &# 8211; of these short films have 26 cartoons have been preserved to this day.

Here you can see all the Private Snafu-clips on the YouTube video:

SNAFU in pop culture: movies, anime, band

In the pop culture SNAFU has become a household word. The term falls in numerous films and series, and not only in those in which soldiers in the foreground.

  • In the cult book series Illuminatus!*SNAFU: What does that mean? Warning: Parental Advisory by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson plays the so-called SNAFU principle even a central role.
  • Thus, supervisors and subordinates deliberately conceal important information in hierarchical organizations: This then sooner or later creates the total chaos &# 8211; just SNAFU.
  • In the 70s there was also a short-lived British rock band called SNAFU &# 8211; the titles of albums denominated appropriately enough SNAFU (1973), Situation Normal (1974) and All funked up (1975).
  • In the recent past, there was also an anime called My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. It is about two loners who have to cope with the sometimes stressful high school life.

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Source Product Image: American Soldier Suffering PTSD via Shutterstock

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