Far Cry 4 patch 1.4: Download Now Available (PC)

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Ubisoft has provided the patch 1.4.0 for Far Cry 4 for PC download. This update resolves some known issues, but also adds new Annoyances for action blast.

Far Cry 4 patch 1.4: Download Now Available (PC)

The patch eradicates the error that has in which Far Cry 4 appears only a black or gray screen. The patch should be loaded automatically. Pay attention to the version bottom left of the main menu.

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Far Cry 4 patch 1.4. released for PC

This error occurs primarily when USB devices are connected to the computer. As a workaround, there was previously the solution unneeded USB devices, including mouse and keyboard to separate for the playing time of Far Cry 4 PC and start with a gamepad into action adventure. With the download of Far Cry 4 update to version 1.4.0, this error should now be fixed when the game starts.

Far Cry 4 patch 1.4: Download Now Available (PC)

In addition to the bug fix to start the game the gray screen even when the mission "Output Master" has been removed. Although Ubisoft further problems in Far Cry 4 are known, the new update addresses only the two errors mentioned. In particular, the USB Bug wanted to create fast from the world, without wanted to stay for the short-term patch with another error. A next patch is already in the works. Ubisoft tried about to come on the ropes in collaboration with NVIDIA graphics any errors.

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Far Cry 4 Patch 1.4 eliminates two Bugs

Although the Far Cry fixes the issues above 4 Patch 1.4.0, but the update itself is also not perfect. As reported by some players that the update does not fix the bug in USB devices. In part, Uplay also Far Cry 4 Version 1.3 automatically reconnects after the Far Cry 4 update has been downloaded 1.4. Not only in Ubisoft have to bother with this errors in the game and subsequent errors in patches. Only a few days ago Rockstar Games released an update for GTA 5, which ensured that GTA 5 would not start for some users on the PS4.

Far Cry 4 patch 1.4: Download Now Available (PC)

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Source: Ubi.com

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