Netflix original picture: top series at a glance

Netflix original picture: top series at a glance

Martin Maciejon 05/03/2017 at 10:10 AM

Netflix stands out above all with his own productions from the competition in the VoD market. But what Netflix Original Series there at all? worth a Netflix subscription, to see only the Netflix originals? Here you will find an overview of the most important productions of the US streaming provider.

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Also in 2017 some new Netflix originals are to be launched. Stir about "Thirteen Reasons Why" provides, be supplied with "Iron Fist" series with new material comic fans. With "The Punisher" and "The Defenders" two more comic series are available on the Netflix plan 2017th

Netflix Original Series &# 8211; Netflix originals at a glance

Netflix is ​​certainly not famous for the magnificent movies, but for the many series that you can watch the US streaming service. The "Original Series" play up there with the &# 8211; So productions from Netflix itself, the service can cost quite a bit of money entirely.

But which series are there? Which original we can reserve our ever for the future? And what are worthwhile? We have the most important productions even looked at us. The list is not exhaustive and ignores documentaries and comedy programs. For us, it was mainly about TV shows for adults. In the comments you can send us your favorite original one by Netflix report.

Netflix originals are not original

Strictly speaking, has not produced or Netflix, the series itself. House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, etc. actually belong to other production companies &# 8211; Netflix has just bought the rights to the broadcast, and this series is mostly exclusive.

however, that these are not always exclusive, we see to it that House of Cards can be seen in Germany first on Sky. Some series can be purchased on Amazon. However, the US streaming service is getting ready to change this situation and to take control of the series and therefore their distribution and broadcasting itself. This is more expensive, but on the other hand you also have exclusive content or can this even sublicense. Several trains were also at a later time to "Netflix original". "Arrested Development" was about initially produced by Fox and aired, but deducted of 2005. Netflix took the series in 2011 in a reboot.


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What Netflix Original Series you find the best? Until now, still Orange Is the New Black my absolute favorite.

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