Kebab Guy at 9Gag: What’s behind it?

Who currently the pictures and memes portal "9GAG" scours, encounters numerous entries in which a "Kebab Guy" is mentioned. You missed the origin of memes, you will find some background information on the current 9Gag trend here.

While numerous Memes always recur in 9Gag for years, there are some highlights from the see Nothing the light of the virtual world. The kebab Guy since September with various images regular at the "hot" area of ​​the photo portal. The first image that opened the hype that was posted on September 11 2016th

Best Memes in the video:

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Kebab Guy Meme dominated 9Gag in September

For some time post user a picture of himself on which one's job is presented. Even the original kebab Guy followed the trend and published a picture of himself next to a kebab skewer in a restaurant. Besides its own idea of ​​"kebab Guy" promised to visit him on his work in the Australian Sidney all 9Gag-users, a free meal. From this followed numerous photographic evidence on which other users have shown that the promise was kept.

The Kebab Guy at 9Gag

There are now at 9Gag hundreds of other images that were related to the original post. predominate above all joke that the kebab Guy will soon be bankrupt, and there are, however, several selfies that showed him together with other 9Gag users.

of course the kebab Guy has its own profile in 9Gag. There you can let you show all photos posted by him. Those who want to make their way to Australia, found the restaurant was in which free meals promised for all 9Gagger, at the following address:

  • 1 / 41-47 Spencer St, Fairfield NSW 2164, Australia

Remains open as long as the memes will keep the trends and when the next inexplicable hype in social media starts.

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Image Sources: DisobeyArt, Shanti Hesse

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