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Onda V919 3G Air dual OS tablet with Windows & amp; Android in Test (Video)

More and more Chinese manufacturers are now building affordable dual OS tablet with Windows and Android Operating system such as the Onda V919 3G Air. This is basically a clone iPad Air, but just running with both operating systems and relies on a newer Intel Bay Trail x86 processor. The colleagues of Android Authority have made the right new device and discovered the advantages and disadvantages of such tablets. Does it have to run any sense, two operating systems on a tablet? At least in the lowest configuration for a low price under certain conditions, as the test shows.

Onda V919 3G Air with Windows and Android

The Onda V919 3G Air is a 9.7-inch tablet, which looks very similar to the iPad Air. Priced at 200 € the housing is made of plastic and but you have to make some compromise on build quality. But you get a good 9.7 inch IPS display with a high resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4: 3. The presentation is pretty good and also the display reliably responds to inputs. was installed below the display a sensitive home button, but which is set too sensitively. This ensures unwanted interruptions in operation. an inside working Intel Bay Trail Z3736F Quad-core processor with a maximum of 2.16 GHz per core, the available RAM 2 GB and 32 GB internal memory. The latter can be extended. Otherwise, there are, as the name suggests, also UMTS, which is pretty good in the price range already.

But the special thing about the Onda V919 3G Air is the Dual OS feature. Onda has with Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4.4 KitKat preinstalled two operating systems that run natively dual boot on the hardware. Both operating systems can therefore fully access the hardware and performance. This ensures Windows as well as on Android for a pretty good performance. Android is matched only superficial, but has, for example, no App Drawer. Of the Switching between operating systems is solved by software, but takes a long time. The biggest drawback of the tablet is the low memory, because both operating systems share these and can not mutually access the data of the other system. In addition, the term suffering in standby at the lack of optimization.

The advantage of Onda V919 3G Air with Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 KitKat is of course the versatility. on the one hand you have a full-fledged operating system that you can really do anything other hand, with Android a system for consuming content, apps and games. a model eventually would work better at a slightly higher price with better facilities and two operating system. Large manufacturers but are prevented from Google and Microsoft from building such devices.

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