The Elder Scrolls Online, Where is the Thieves Guild?

If you've already asked you the question of where the thieves guild is actually hidden in ESO, you can find our answer here: The currently exist in the form of how the warrior or mage guild yet. However, we have listed all available information for you.

Like the warrior and mage guild Tamriel the thieves guild has a firm place in the Elder Scrolls series. In The Elder Scrolls Online but there are not at the present time the. At least not in the same shape as the two above mentioned NPC guilds.

ESO: When will the thieves guild?

Zenimax announced that the thieves guild would hold after the release of ESO feeder. Now that the MMORPG were eventually released for next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One, but is still around to see the gray fox no guild.

published on the QuakeCon 2014 artwork to guild armor of the Thieves Guildpublished on the QuakeCon 2014 artwork to guild armor of the Thieves Guild

What has come, however, is the Crime update with patch 6.1. This implemented various activities related to the hobby or the daily wage as thieves. So you can now no longer hesitation all containers empty evacuate, without provided by the ubiquitous guards with a bounty and hunted, but must you use the stealth option and access when no one is looking in the future.

In addition, now the pockets of unsuspecting citizens and precisely that guards leave empty spaces and exchange jewelry found and Danish case of hidden fences for cash.

What the whole thing can then become a counterpart of the Thieves Guild, is the new skill line &# 8220; lies and deceit&# 8221 ;, which can supplement their by your criminal activities. This includes bonuses to crawl and pick pocketing and improvements in those same fences. Attack advantages enjoys a thief who works her way up in the skill tree but at most by attacks from ambush. Active combat skills do not exist.

Until it then but really is a NPC guild with its own quest line, the thieves guild is, so you will initially only this option.

All important information about lies and deceit can be found in our Special.

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