DDoS attack: What is it, how do you find them and ward off?

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Again and again we read in the context of "hackers" on the Internet and from a DDoS attack. But what is a "DDoS" attack, as can be seen such an attack and to start their own DDoS attacks home users?

DDoS attack: What is it, how do you find them and ward off?

is meant by "DDoS" "Distributed Denial of Service". In this way, a computer system is deliberately attacked by a variety of other computer systems to restrict its availability or put completely aside.

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DDoS attack: What is it, how do you find them and ward off?

The computer system may be a voluntary group of troublemakers who make their resources available. Often, however, hackers hijack different computer, such. , Via Trojans, and then use them within a botnet to DDoS attack.

DDoS attacks are performed by different computers simultaneously and distributed.

  • If you read in the newspaper that a website was "hacked", it is often not a classic hack, but a DDoS attack.
  • Experienced technical and programming skills are not necessary for these attacks on computer system.
  • In such an attack, a server is bombarded targeted by many computers with permanent access attempts until the system collapses under the weight of requests.
  • About DDoS attacks the servers of Webgrößen such as Amazon, Yahoo and eBay were forced to their knees, among other things already. In the period of mass requests "normal" users can not visit these sites and get an error message in the browser.
  • Also GIGA was targeted victims of flooding attacks several years ago.


Start DDoS attacks: These are the methods

In DDoS attacks often vulnerabilities in applications, operating systems or Web logs are utilized. The attacks can be carried out in different ways:

  1. Mail Bomb: Similar to an SMS bomb in the nineties, a large message by e-mail is thousands of times sent to a destination. The mail account is blocked, the mail server slowed badly or even completely shredded. Mail bombs are often used even by simple means and tools.
  2. Ping flooding: When Ping Flooding ping requests are sent to a computer masse. This must serve requests ( "Pong"). The more pings reach the target computer, the greater the computational load. Especially in older system, this can quickly lead to a crash, but at least is expected to slow down the system.
  3. Syn flooding:. When you connect to a TCP / IP network, a so-called hand Hake is used. In this hand Hake SYN and ACK packets are exchanged. In case of Syn Flooding attack SYN packets are sent by the attackers. They have a fake IP address as the sender. Now, the target system tries to respond to these packets with its own SYN-ACK packet, of course, to the fake IP address. The attacked system is the connection attempt only after several attempts, while computing power is used. Now, the higher the number of received packets, the more unsuccessful response requests are sent. The own connection capacity is eventually exhausted, so that the system breaks down and as a result is no longer accessible.
    To bring the target system to its knees, the bandwidth capacity of the attacker must be significantly higher than the target range.


DDoS attacks: how to recognize and repel?

DDoS attacks are even websites for the greatest dangers, after all these attacks are relatively easily. Often carried out the attacks extortion motives. Thus, the DDoS attacks as set only after a particular, the required amount of money was handed over to the attackers. Political and ideological motives may be behind DDoS attacks.

Protection against a DDoS attack is very difficult in general. The Web server must first identify them as artificial, targeted attack and disconnect from normal requests, the number of attacks. In addition, the tools for the attacks often work camouflaged. The attackers even operate with fake IP addresses and can also be difficult to identify.

it is found on its own website behavior that might indicate a DDoS attack, you can do the following:

  1. Of suspicious abnormalities of the web host should be contacted. This can identify the attack frequently and helping measures such. B. initiate in the form of a firewall.
  2. A requested ransom should not be paid to resolve the DDoS attack, after all, to open the way for more attacks.
  3. Because behind these attacks usually criminal plans and organizations stuck, especially in connection with an extortion, the attack should be reported to the police.
  4. In addition, there are online security company who specializes in defending against DDoS attacks.

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