OpenOffice with formulas: How to add a scientific calculations

The OpenOffice download brings a collection of programs on your computer, allowing you to handle various tasks. The OpenOffice suite is the Writer, Calc and Impress software available that enable you to work professionally and privately in the job. Each of the modules has a formula editor, which can be put well-structured formulas in texts and presentations.

Be just a report or a scientific presentation and use for this purpose, the modules of OpenOffice? Then it happens occasionally likely that you need to install various mathematical formulas in your text.

While simple formulas such as 1 + 2 = 3 could still be written in the text, it becomes more complicated when breakage or even exponent bill. To nevertheless always be able to demonstrate a structured format, OpenOffice offers a proprietary formula editor to take this step.

Create OpenOffice formulas in Math

OpenOffice Math formulasTo create formulas for documents from OpenOffice, you can use the Math module.

The OpenOffice Math module makes creating formulas quickly and clearly. Math has many different functions for the preparation of formulas and is composed of an input and an output field.

All entries of the lower program area are displayed directly in the upper exit area. To enter a fraction, type example 1 over 2. For various claims of the formula editor has its own command. But do not worry, this you do not have all notice about the &# 8220; selection&# 8221; window you can reach all the formulas with the mouse. In the upper region of the &# 8220; selection&# 8221; menus you will find the categories under which the individual commands can be found.

Insert OpenOffice formulas in Writer

OpenOffice formulas WriterTo insert scientific formulas in OpenOffice, you need the correct formula editor

A formula can be inserted into the OpenOffice Writer ending in a long search operation: The writer does offer the same formula function like OpenOffice Math, but additionally a second style similar to Excel formula editor Calc formulas offering. More information on these can be found in articles on OpenOffice Calc. This, however, can not produce scientific formulas.

OpenOffice formulas Writer EditorThe formula editor of OpenOffice Math can also be found in the Writer.

The correct formula editor, see &Paste; # 8220&# 8221; > &# 8220; object&# 8221; > &Formula; # 8220&# 8221 ;. By clicking the already known from OpenOffice Math Formula entry opens in the lower program area. Here, too, you have all the features of Math are available.


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