“Nicolas Cage dead: actor dies in car accident”: Beware of Facebook Hoax!

In times of the Internet and especially social media, messages often spread like wildfire. prominent people particularly about disasters, accidents or death reports one reads often first on Facebook. The rapid dissemination of information make it even scammers own. Currently circulating about a message in social media, according to which had died in a car accident the actor "Nicholas Cage".

"Nicolas Cage dead: actor dies in car accident": Beware of Facebook Hoax!

The popular actor who has starred in thousands of memes in the Internet culture is said to be an accident in July 2016, his motorcycle. To report an image is posted showing the black and white portrait of Cage and a coffin. Accompanying the text "Nicolas Cage 1964 - 2016: Hollywood actor dead at age 52" can be seen. When news of the death of Nicolas Cage is but a hoax, that is a hoax.

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"Nicolas Cage dead in car crash" is a Hoax

Also in July 2016 Nicolas Cage is not dead. Behind this fake message stuck cyber fraudsters. If you click to read the alleged news of the death of Nicolas Cage on the message, you will first be asked to access the Facebook app &# 8220; wired viral videos&# 8221; allow the private data. The data included in addition to the name and profile picture, the age and public information you reveal on Facebook. In addition, the application takes the right after being released independently to post messages in its own name on Facebook.


  • Receives the application access to their own profile, you will be redirected to the alleged death notice.
  • In the background also the fake message is shared on your own profile so that all the friends and contacts also see this message. In this way, the Hoax can spread snowballed.
  • At the latest reading of the message large discrepancies should attract attention.
  • While still indicated in the heading that Nicolas Cage died in a motorcycle accident, is suddenly talking about a skiing accident in running text.
  • Already in 2013 circulated fake messages on Facebook, who reported that Nicolas Cage was killed in a skiing accident.
  • To make matters worse, the name of the actor is misspelled in both the title and the text. While the actor writes "Nicolas", without "h", throughout the notation "Nicholas Cage" with "h" is used here.


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Nicolas Cage is not dead

Again and again fake reports of deaths of celebrities such as Nicolas Cage on Facebook, Twitter and Co. are scattered. In harmless cases, site operators justify the message under the guise of satire in order to get some more clicks on their own web site. Often stuck here but fraudsters who z. As Facebook profiles pirating, open spam traps or let careless users fall into expensive subscription traps. In the past, Charlie Sheen and Mike Tyson have included Michael Schumacher, already &# 8220; victims&# 8221; Fake messages of this kind.

Basically one should face death reports, which you can see at first only on Facebook skeptical. actual messages are very promptly picked up by major news portals like T-Online frequently. If here, no message can be found at the death, it is at the Facebook message likely to order hoax. Under no circumstances should you install applications or give a share on their own Facebook data to be able to read news from links through Facebook. Should you accidentally already such a Facebook app have granted access, learn from us how to delete the Facebook app again and can secure their own data.

Image Sources: Facebook, Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com


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