Blood Borne The Old Hunters: Second expansion canceled

After a long wait has finally announced From Software's long-awaited first DLC for action RPG Blood Borne. However, as it is now, Bloodborne is The Old Hunters, however, remain the last extension.

Blood Borne The Old Hunters: Second expansion canceled

We still wait Demon&# 8217; s Souls fans that finally the DLC is announced, which suggests many behind the broken stone in the Nexus. While the first game Souls never a DLC is well preserved, developers forge From delighted us in the software successors partly with multiple extensions. Earlier this year we went back exclusively on a PlayStation console. Not with Demon&# 8217; s Souls 2, but with bloodborne which has recently sold 2 million copies. was announced early on that the action RPG would later be equipped with two DLCs.

Yesterday this promise was partially redeemed and Blood Borne The Old Hunters was officially announced. With this extension we will get three new areas and ten new weapons, as well as some extra fun. In terms of difficulty to bloodborne The Old Hunters oriented it to the second half of the main game. While all this is great, but there are also a bitter taste, as it was called by From Software today.

Bloodborne is the best reason for a PlayStation 4

Because bloodborne The Old Hunters will be not only the first but also the last DLC, which we expect to play this game. Just under 15 euros it will cost and the PlayStation Store published on 24 November. But why is dispensed another chapter? As it is said by the Japanese studio, while a total of two extensions were planned, this, however, it was decided to stake everything on this one and for that to be a little more work. The scope provides bloodborne The Old Hunters, it is of course anything but small.

Likely is that work on Dark Souls 3, which will be released in March and April of next year, meanwhile, is in the hot development phase and therefore requires more attention. Anyway, waiting under these lines a little off-screen gameplay on you.

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