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The cropping objects is one of the advanced tools in image processing with Photoshop. So it works well and can be see the result, we show you in this article how you have to proceed.

Photoshop: cropping objects - so you go

Photoshop: Cropping &# 8211; what for?

If you want to use individual elements from photos in order to make other areas, such as websites but also flyers, posters, etc., must be able to cut. Sometimes a person is particularly good hit on a picture, but others do not. Then you can save the image by cutting the person and assembled in a different background. The design possibilities are expanded enormously in any case, if you have mastered it in Photoshop Elements exempt. Before you dare you to this maneuver, you should however the basics of the program control and know how you can for example cut out objects in Photoshop.

Photoshop: cropping, step by step

  1. Opens Photoshop and file that you want to release the object from the.
  2. Clicking on the quick selection tool in the menu bar, and crossing over the object to be cropped. The contour is later refined, it is sufficient if the object is roughly marked.
  3. about To edit can top left of the menu areas extended or excluded.

    to accurately grasp the edges of the object, the real art when you accurately grasp the edges of the object, the real art when you crop.

  4. Now the edges are optimized: Click on any selection tool. You will see the field better edge above the work surface. Click. Varies the settings, for example for the parameters soft edges, rounding, contrast.
  5. Copies the object now with Ctrl + C in a new photo or a blank screen. The Eraser in hardness 0 and a large radius you still can now remove unwanted edges on the cut object.

Ultimately, it just takes practice to help achieve attractive results of selection tools, eraser and settings. but the basic steps are always the ones which have just been described.

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