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Did you sleep well impressed you your current account numbers including bank code, you can immediately vacate from free again this place in mind. As of 01 February 2016, the current account data will be replaced by the unified EU system SEPA. Everything you should know about BIC, IBAN and new account numbers, learn it here.

SEPA stands for "Single Euro Payments Area", or "single euro payments area". The new system SEPA should bring especially for international payments a significant simplification. In addition, thanks to the use of BIC transfers in the European area are to be effective. Hidden fees for international transfers to be so removed from the world. The Bankers Association says in a video on YouTube, such as the new SEPA scheme works. SEPA has been planned for a long time and yet repeatedly postponed. As of 1 February 2016 IBAN becomes mandatory for transfers.

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Where can I find the IBAN and BIC?

So far, there has been a transition from the traditional account numbers to IBAN. As of February 2016, you should set you therefore familiar with your new account information. From this point you can no longer use the familiar number for transfers, but must you with the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) familiar. The IBAN in Germany consists of 22 digits and letters. From country to country but the length varies. Even if the IBAN has first obtained due to their length entitled "Iban the Terrible", is behind the number one system that the number can be noted permanently. SEPA are currently 33 nations, including all EU members and Switzerland, Monaco, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

For IBAN calculator

shutterstock_157550030The IBAN is made up from the country code (DE for Germany), a two-digit check number, the currently valid bank code, and the ten-digit account number, which you also used nowadays. Where appropriate, the account number is padded by leading zeros to the ten necessary places.

  • After a two-year transition period for residential customers, the IBAN in remittances is now for each duty.
  • As of now, banks may no longer process transfers with old account numbers.
  • This applies both to the classic transfer to paper receipt as well as for online transfers.
  • Old forms are now invalid.
  • For online banking the conversion is carried out automatically.
  • There was formerly the possibility to convert an old account number in the IBAN, the 22-digit new number must now be entered directly.
  • The old account number is reflected as part of the IBAN.

Thus the IBAN consist of

Country code Germanytwo check digitsbank code(Starting from the rear, front padded with 0) 10-digit account number

In addition to the IBAN also belongs to February 2016 transfers to other European countries the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) on the remittance slip. The BIC is made up of eight or eleven digits and serves as the internationally valid bank code. Do you want to transfer money in Germany, the BIC is not even needed. To some extent, the BIC also SWIFT designated.

Name of Bankcountry codeCode for placeName of Branch

We can calculate the IBAN it, learn it here: convert account number in IBAN: Easy & fast.

Transfers 2016: What you should know about the new payment system SEPA

Do you want to learn the new account information by heart, you will find the IBAN and BIC on every bank statement. Do you have a relatively new bank card, the numbers are also printed there on the back. You yourself have to do anything for the conversion of account information. Standing orders are transferred from the bank. For direct debits you may receive from the appropriate places a letter in which you will be advised of the SEPA migration of account numbers.


Where money is, even scammers are. Your new account number in IBAN format should you, of course, tell anyone you do not know and can assign.

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