Gronkh and Sarazar produce their own game and it does not even look bad

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Gronkh and Sarazar, which are among the largest German gaming YouTubers, produce their own game with Valnir Rok. It is a survival game DayZ similar, but which takes place in a fantasy universe.

The combination of Survival Game and fantasy scenario seems like a smart move. On the one hand there are just games of this genre that have large constituencies on streaming platforms such as Twitch. In addition, the setting is reminiscent of popular series like Vikings (which even has a similar logo) and Game of Thrones.

15429Valnir Rok: announcement trailer for the game of Gronkh and Sarazar

&# 8220; Who you are is not important to Valnis Iceland. Who do you want to be playing a major role.&# 8221; The opening words on the official website of Valnir Rok betrayed the genre Typical scenario: you land as an anonymous shipwrecked on an island where you feel nature (and potentially other players) have to resist in order to survive. The announcement trailer for the game betrays already that you're going there to survive even dragons and trolls next fight man to man.

Valnir Rok

As responsible for the game stands next to the Play Massive GmbH (whose managing Gronkh and Sarazar are) the way the Encurio GmbH &# 8211; a company whose CEO is none other than Sarazars brother Sebastian Rahmel. According to the trade journal Games economy, the development team consists mainly of game design students, and Gavin Barnes, a former developer Piranha Bytes. The company has implemented major German role playing games like the Gothic and Risen series.

Anyone who follows the activities of Gronkh knows: Valnir Rok is not the first game that comes under the umbrella of Play Massive GmbH. Already in 2016 realized the in-house indie studio together with Gronkh and Youtuber colleague Sgt. Rumpel the RPG Looterkings. Which is still in the early access phase, enjoys on Steam but already very popular.

Valnir Rok will be released for PC and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The targeted price is 19.99 euros.