DVB-T2 HD: So you can continue to use terrestrial television

On the night of 28 on March 29, the previous terrestrial television DVB-T is switched off, the previous recipients are electronic waste. The release format is in Germany - through the antenna - no alternative: DVB-T2 HD. Our updated overview:

53532What is DVB-T2 HD?

From March 29, 2017 replaced the new TV standard in most areas of the existing terrestrial TV: At night and in the morning you will receive no signal at all for a few hours. until noon expected to be completed the conversion - then you can get a Start station search. Required, even if you already used in recent months, in the testing phase, DVB-T2 HD. 

Who is in the reception area and the corresponding hardware features (see below), can look forward to a much better picture quality than before: Full HD 1080p50 (ie 50 frames per second). Also comes with H.265 (HEVC) a better codec used. Incidentally, the signal is transmitted in each case in HD quality, even if the transmitter delivers the content only in SD quality.

The change made it necessary to re-allocation of frequencies and the desire for better resolution. Who uses TV via satellite, cable TV or Internet streams for which nothing changes.

Reception area of ​​DVB-T2 HD

Of full coverage can be no question: DVB-T2 HD is the entire country still cover at the beginning neither the existing DVB-T field. In some regions of the old standard will temporarily continue. Who is affected by the first conversion, is already numerous insertions have seen in the program in recent weeks, the vorwarnten. There is also a reception Check the Web.

Reception area of ​​freenet TVReception area of ​​freenet TV

Some regions, including Dresden, Freiburg and Kassel are only with the Stage from November 2017 covered. Even then, there will be white spots on the reception card of DVB-T2 HD, the most densely populated areas will be supplied but.

DVB-T2 HD air channels

DVB-T2 HD 40 stations broadcast 20 public (Das Erste, ZDF, 3sat, Kika, arte, etc.) and 20 private (RTL, ProSieben, Sat.1, Vox etc.). The full list:

dvb-t2-hd-programsGraphics: Media Broadcast

Note: The private channels are broadcast encrypted and together as freenet TV marketed. In order to be able to view the booking of a subscription is necessary in addition to compatible hardware (see below).

In addition to the mentioned 40 programs can - if it supports hardware - 20 additional channels are streamed as freenet TV connect over the Internet.

freenet TV: No subscription no private stations

Major criticism of the transition to DVB-T2 HD: Only the public broadcasters are now on free to air, which is financed by the license fee. For the private broadcasters a subscription fee of EUR 5.75 per month falls after three months * on (alternatively including receiver hire 7.99 euros). Technical service for both public and private stations is Media Broadcast, which sells pay-TV under the brand "freenet TV". The subscription there as month and year option.

Unacceptable for homes with multiple TVs: The subscription is device-related. Who wants to use on multiple TVs freenet TV currently, requires multiple subscriptions. The supplier is considering the future to offer a financial solution.

Information and booking site to freenet TV*

New hardware for DVB-T2 HD required

The new standard is not compatible with existing receivers. Who wants to buy a DVB-T2 HD tuner or television, should pay attention to the green logo DVB-T2 HD and freenet TV. The former ensures compatibility, freenet TV means: This unit has the decoder with which the private channels can be received with the subscription. Does the TV has a CI + slot, ranges instead of a receiver, the CI + module of freenet TV *DVB-T2 HD: So you can continue to use terrestrial television

The Stiftung Warentest has two receivers considered, which can be connected to a TV set. Result: The HD image was good for the two receivers. Restriction of favorable Xoro HRT 7620 *DVB-T2 HD: So you can continue to use terrestrial television: This is no payment programs can be received, the much more expensive Technisat Digit Isio STC + i *DVB-T2 HD: So you can continue to use terrestrial television on the other hand provides the CI slot for the decoder *.

Along with a two-year subscription for freenet TV is available as a start action a good Samsung receiver very convenient:  

See freenet TV campaign with receiver*DVB-T2 HD at Amazon*

receiver-for-freenet-tvReceiver, freenet TV supports.

IOS currently does not yet have receivers on the market that support the encryption of the private channels. On Android should thanks to an update an Logilink receiver *DVB-T2 HD: So you can continue to use terrestrial television offer unencrypted TV - not, however, according to buyers probably satisfactory. For Mac, there is the public broadcaster over a EyeTV stick of Geniatech *DVB-T2 HD: So you can continue to use terrestrial television - works well, we tried it. All TV channels are available with the freenet TV USB stick, since a few days available for Mac and Windows:

freenet TV USB TV stick for Mac and Windows*

DangerDo not fall for tricks seller, want to get rid of the dead stock: DVB-T2-Devices are not compatible with DVB-T2 HD

inserted CI + card on the back of a televisioninserted CI + card on the back of a television

What is required for DVB-T2 HD? Here is the abstract:

desired stationnecessary hardware
ARD, ZDF and other publicReceiver or TV * (occasionally referred to as "DVB-T2 with HEVC") with the support of DVB-T2 HD
ARD, ZDF and other öffentl.-rechtl. plus
RTL, SAT.1, ProSieben and other private
Receiver or TV * with the support of DVB-T2 HD (see above) and freenet television support or
Receiver or TV * with the support of DVB-T2 HD (see above) and CI + slot plus CI + card for freenet TV * each plus Subscription to freenet TV *  (Up to 30.6.2017 for free, then monthly fee of 5.75 euros *).

Alternatives to DVB-T2 HD

As an alternative to DVB-T2 HD there is satellite TV, cable TV and streaming over the Internet. Phone providers offer packages that services are particularly popular as Zattoo and Magine TV.

try magine TV free*try Save.TV free*

Particularly advantageous are the Internet services for those who want to access TV on multiple devices, as with freenet TV, the subscription is paid for device-related. On the other hand, you need a solid internet connection with which the use is possible on the road due to limited data volume barely.

Original article in the summer 2016, updated to the current level in March 2017


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