running bring Dungeon Keeper 2 on Windows 7 – Here’s

Nostalgic feelings are welling up in you, when you think of Horny and other minions of Dungeon Keeper second But every time you vornehmt you to play and strategy classics on your PC, it fails on Windows 7. We now have the ultimate solution, it brings to the Dungeon Keeper 2 and Windows 7 up and running again.

running bring Dungeon Keeper 2 on Windows 7 - Here's

With progressive operating systems the old classics are gradually all increasingly more difficult to play. Also Dungeon Keeper 2 1999 is no exception. But if you want after the bitter disappointment by EA's App disaster gladly again Bullfrogs play last match on the PC, there are problems again and again, only during installation.

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install Dungeon Keeper 2 on Windows 7

The installation on Windows 7 is the smallest problem. There is enough tinkering with the compatibility modes and you have the game on your plate. Going for it as follows:

  1. Right-click on the CD to the setup.exe
  2. Selects the compatibility mode for WinXP SP2 from
  3. If the setup of Dungeon Keeper 2
  4. Installed now even the patch 1.7 (in our download directory). also provides that after the download on above compatibility mode and executes it
  5. Creates a shortcut on the desktop of the game
  6. Adds Properties > Target following parameters:
    • -software filter -32biteverything
      • The line should now look like this: &# 8220; C: \ dungeon keeper 2 \ DKII.exe&# 8221; -softwarefilter -32biteverything
  7. Also provides the link to the Compatibility Mode WinXP SP2 and activates the window mode
Dungeon keeper-2 on windows 7Windows 7: Our trick you can in Dungeon Keeper 2 finally be really angry

bring Dungeon Keeper 2 on Windows 7 up and running

with the only installation, it is not yet done, even if the already more work than is actually required solemn. Thus Dungeon Keeper 2 finally launches Windows 7 and is playable, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Invite you CPU Control downloads and installs
    • PC Inventory Control
  2. Starts Dungeon Keeper 2 shortcut from the desktop
  3. Make your way from the main menu to Options > graphic
  4. turns the hardware acceleration out
  5. Starts out of the game the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
  6. Opens CPU Control
  7. Sets to Manual to and click on the listing of the left with a right click on DKII.exe
  8. Selects Add CPU profile > 1 CPU > 1
  9. Repeats the setting of 8 for DKII.icd
  10. Make your way again and finished in the Task Manager Dungeon Keeper 2
  11. Start the game again on the link and become the ultimate Dungeon Keeper


On page 2, you learn how you have to proceed with occasional crashes and problems with your NVIDIA graphics card.


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