Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Factory Reset – Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Do you have a problem with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or is it time to hand over the phablet to its next owner, you have to factory reset your Android device. We explain you how to perform the factory reset for the staff. 4

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A factory reset restores your Galaxy Note 4, not only back to factory settings, it can also all of you delete settings entered and stored data. After such factory reset it so the software side hold a phablet in hands, how did you get it once himself.

Before you undertake this step, you should obviously back up all important data. As you perform such a backup, learn it in Jens&8217; Items:

  • Android Backup Apps &# 8211; secure application data without root

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset: Hard Reset

When hard reset, reset to factory settings, you should always enough battery capacity own or have put the smartphone on the charging cable. The process takes namely some time.

  1. Turns the Note 4 from
  2. Presses and hold up volume, Home and power simultaneously
  3. Vibrates the phone, let power and Home going on, but keep up volume Farther
  4. You come into the Android Recovery System. Once you have reached here, you can release the volume button
  5. Navigates to wipe data / factory reset on the volume buttons and confirmed with power
  6. now even selects Yes &# 8211; delete all user data
  7. When the process is completed after a few minutes, you have to reboot system now select and have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at the factory state (only visually you can not recover so)


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset: Soft Reset

Will you, however keep some data that have saved her on the score of 4, you can be reset with a soft reset settings.

  1. Turns the score 4 and unlock the screen
  2. Climb to the settings
  3. selected here Save and reset out
  4. Taps here Reset to factory settings and then Reset device
  5. now selects finally Delete everything out


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