The Sims 4 – Time for Friends: The plugged in the new DLC – All info, trailer and images

While fans have wanted more of a pet or weather extension for The Sims 4, Maxis and EA published now but summarily friends expansion pack. Friends? The there are already at the Sims, you say? No, there was an Expansion Pack never in life simulation &# 8211; and this refreshing approach we like.

While fans have in fact expect the usual from the Sims-makers, they now surprise with the published on 10 December DLC Time for Friends. Here you can really let out the inner hipster and you illegal dance Events sneak in abandoned ruins. What does this Expansion Pack time for friends The Sims 4 anything can, we show you in this article.

9513The Sims 4 - Time for Friends: Come Wind castle!

The Sims 4 &# 8211; Time for Friends: Dancing in ruins or in pubs depend

The most important enhancement are the social groups. In Sims 3 already existed in this Enhancements Wild Student Life, However, Maxis and EA have so changed a lot, so you never need to think of the three groups from the third part. For there is already the first difference: Instead of three different groups that there was in the third part, you can you choose between eleven groups now &# 8211; but only at the beginning.

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Because it is possible to create your own groups. And here is a once aware of the full scope of DLCs: In the settings you can control what the group members attract should that activities them in group meetings kindly have let remain and which is your favorite venue for meetings.

Celebrating in a club to the beats of a DJCelebrating in a club to the beats of a DJ

Then, as you go about your all-behaved individual group activities, such as drinking, dancing or playing chess, get their points for group benefits. And those slain the player first pretty. Because here you can moods Unlock that you then live out in your group or Skills, her learn faster together with the group. Moreover, their useful activated Group objects such as leather jackets, Freundschaftsbändchen or doors for your group meeting place.

New hairstyles and clothes for your Sims in DLC

Our guides on groups:

  • Groups in The Sims 4 &# 8211; Time for friends (join, group activities, group benefits)

What do you want today do in Wind Castle?

Holt ye the new extension Time for Friends, also turns her a new town called wind Castle free. The course offers everything that guarantees a great evening in the group. So you can in pubs go and play there darts or foosball. There are also cafes with espresso bars and delicious sweets. Dancing in the club or you are invited to a secret party at the ancient ruins.

Welcome to Wind Castle - the new town in The Sims 4 - Time for FriendsWelcome to Wind Castle &# 8211; the new town in The Sims 4 &# 8211; Time for Friends

You want new creepy friends to get to know? No problem. Make your way to haunted manor. There, you can see already the garden in front of the chalet, which a labyrinth represents. Meet here on spirits who have lived many years ago in the country house or marries the beautiful pond of the castle.

At night you can also a campfire light and tell you against your friends creepy stories. Throw objects into the fire and waiting to see what happens. Sometimes it is even possible to summon a spirit that makes you and your friends down your spine shivers.

The buildings in Wind Castle are, the makers, some modeled on European cities. This is the club of the city.The buildings in Wind Castle are, the makers, some modeled on European cities. This is the club of the city.

Will DJ or Dancing Queen

Besides the many group activities you have two new Skills, the better once practicing her home before you dare in the big Club:

  • DJ ability
  • dancing ability

improve your DJ ability and unlocks several musical genres. Is the ability high enough, you can put the audience into different moods. In addition, you also get a tip for why this ability wonderful as part-time job suitable.

Improves the ability dance on the dance floor or quietly homeImproves the ability dance on the dance floor or quietly home

The dancing ability exercise its best first alone before mirror or your stereo system. Do you have your skills improved, and you can go there to show on the dance floor, which is phase into a club. Calls on other Sims in dance competitions and get out so new dance moves. Below ever had a suggestion on how the whole can look like:

163The Sims 4 - Time for Friends: Dancing

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