Steam Market Bot – What is it and how does it work?

The Steam Market Bot is a useful tool to items on the Steam Marketplace cheap and simple to buy. In the following guide, we show you all the important information about the helper.

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On the Steam Marketplace known can buy and sell two items and trading cards from games like DOTA 2 or Team Fortess. Who has a flair here can bargain for a tidy sum in a relatively short time. The problem is that the Steam Marketplace is big and anything but clear. This is exactly where the Steam Market Bot comes into play.

Steam Bot Market &# 8211; What's this?

The Steam Market bot is an automated assistant that helps you in this track of supply and demand on the Steam Marketplace to keep. It can also be set from you so that it automatically buys certain items, provided they meet the requirements specified by you. Important: there is not a merely a steam Market Bot The term is a collective name for various programs, which exert essentially the same functions.. A well-known Steam Market bot example the Steam Trade Helper.

Steam Trade HelperThe interface of the Steam Trade Helpers has a slightly confusing, but is basically very easy to use.

The Steam Trade Helper provides the following features

  • List of items that want to buy their
  • Auto-buy option if the item at the specified price is of you
  • Sort items by priority: Items on the list are top bought below before items

To use the Steam Trade Helper, you need:

  • The Chrome browser
  • The corresponding extension for Chrome
  • A valid Steam account

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Then you go already:

  1. Checked whether it is worth the item for purchase. In general, you should buy their items that are cheap at the moment, in some time but can be more expensive again. To get a feel for it, you should just watch for a long time the Steam Marketplace.
  2. Did you find the item of your choice, you click on the green "Add" button under the item. Now it is added to your personal shopping list in the Steam Trade Helper.
  3. Then you take the small adjustments: Give to your maximum bid and the desired number of items that want to buy it. Also, you can set how often the Steam Market Bot will update the search.
  4. Then you click on the green "Play" icon and the Steam Market Bot starts with finding and purchasing the items matching.
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Steam Bot Market &# 8211; Is the whole legal

In the Steam Community, the question keeps cropping up: The Steam Market bots legal? To sum it up: yes, they are there. Unless the Steam Market Bot makes no changes to the Steam API, it is no problem to use a Steam Market Bot. The bot is ultimately only one extraction tool, large amounts of data are processed by. On Reddit although there are posts that tell of a bot-user who has been banned from Steam &# 8211; However, it was this is a self-written Bot, who made serious interventions in the Steam API. Unless you do not overdo it, there should be no problems with the use of a steam Market bots.

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