Is my train on time?

Is my train on time? Regular train travelers to ask this question probably every day. But how this question can be answered in time? You'll find out here.

Is my train on time?

By the time you are at the train station and the desired train does not arrive, the question is likely if the train time have is unnecessary. However, many options remain one then no more. When the display panels remain blank and no loudspeaker announcement is heard, is a rule only going to the Info Center of Deutsche Bahn, which is, however, found only at major stations.

Is my train on time?

Unless you have your phone in your pocket. Then you can the information provided by Deutsche Bahn available, ie the traffic relating to trains and the trip distance call. The German track is namely all the current details of your booked travel connection in the network. These can be on the web or retrieve via App. Otherwise you will find the latest information in the normal travel information from two hours before departure. The following information is provided by the web available in the network:

Departure and arrival info

  • Learn about arrival and departure times of trains
  • Lateness and track change information (from 2 hours prior to departure)
  • Filters by a specific type of train e.g. ICE or train

Live information

  • Real-time information from 12 hours before departure
  • Minute punctuality information with assessment of Accessibility
  • Display and evaluation of alternative routes

Of delay alarm

Who ordered his train ticket online, must exchange names and e-mail address during the registration process. This has the German Railway sends you an alert of delay in advance by mail the advantage, your train should fail, for example, be moved or simply just delayed.

Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Bahn alternatives include: as you travel through Germany

Is time my train: Smartphone Apps

The Google Play Store (Android) and (iOS) from the Apple App Store to find a variety of applications that you can quickly retrieve the train delays Deutsche Bahn and thus are always up to date. However, many of these apps are anything but recommended.

DB Navigator: App of Deutsche Bahn

DB NavigatorThe most well-known App is the official application of Deutsche Bahn, which answers to the name DB Navigator. The application is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android to download and provides current information directly from

The DB Navigator also offers you the above listed information in the DB, optimized for the smartphone. Routes can even be saved as a date in the smartphone. but unfortunately the purchase of tickets is not possible directly from the app.

DB NavigatordownloadQR codeDB NavigatorDeveloper: German train *Price: Free DB NavigatordownloadQR codeDB NavigatorDeveloper: German railwayPrice: Free

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