Find My Mobile: Sun locates her your Samsung phone

You have a Samsung smartphone and want to locate this? No problem, because with Samsung &# 8220; Find My Mobile&# 8221; can you easily find out where your device is currently located.

Find My Mobile: Sun locates her your Samsung phone

What the Android Device Manager for Android smartphones in general, is Samsung &# 8220; Find My Mobile&# 8221; for their devices. With this service you can easily your misplaced, lost or stolen smartphones to locate.

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Find My Mobile: How do you use the location service

to Samsung &# 8220; Find My Mobile&# 8221; to be able to use (formerly known as Samsung Dive), you must first set up a Samsung account. Since you have a Samsung smartphone that is has anyway but recommended because you can access this account on some exclusive offers from Samsung (discounted / free apps, free trial phases of certain offers, free movies and more).

The example of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you learn here how you set up such an account quickly:

  • Opens the settings of the device
  • Changes to the General menu and click up there to the point accounts
  • Here you can now set up your Samsung account
  • If you have a Samsung account already set up, this brings means an update to date

After you did so that now done, you can now also take advantage of Samsung location service:

  • Opens in your browser, the Samsung "Find My Mobile" page and sign up there with your Samsung account
  • After that, you look what equipment has her additionally the associated phone numbers (if any).

Samsung Dive-1

  • Click here now want the device that you locate
  • On the next screen you now see your registered device in the upper left corner. Click on the arrow next to it you can also switch between all your devices here. Here you should specify the device to be located. Under certain circumstances, you will be prompted to your Samsung account gets on this update after a change to another device.

Samsung Dive-2

Samsung Dive-3

  • Did you here can you now on the button "mobile device to find" key. So Samsung can also access your site, it is necessary that you agree to the agreement to location-based services
  • Now the locating process begins, depending on the network environment and status of your wireless device, it may take a little here until the device is found
  • Yes, and if all goes well your device will be found as well. Sometimes, however, you have to perform more than once the process until it is successful.

Samsung Dive-4

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