3. World War begins in August 2016: Beware of messages on Facebook and Co.

&# 8220; The 3rd World War will begin in August 2016&# 8243 ;. For several days, making a so-called &Eilmeldung; # 8220&# 8221; with this content in the social media, Facebook and the round and unsettled not only die-hard conspiracy theorists. Is there really any evidence that speak of an impending global catastrophe, or is it here again is a hoax? We clarify.

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On the Internet, the strangest rumors emerge from time to time: whether false death reports of celebrities such as Michael Schumacher, invented warnings, for example, before the HIV bananas or messages that would introduce a time limit on Facebook &# 8211; Net culture teems with rumors that are based in most cases only on wild speculation and hearsay. Recently, increasing the warning appears that a third world war was threatening and imminent. Only one more hoax or there really any evidence?

update: Recently, the federal government has issued a warning for civil protection, which ensures the moment of excitement. Read related article hoarding: the science behind the warning of the government.


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3. World War in August 2016 &# 8211; Warning on Facebook is fake

Admittedly, after the failed coup attempt on the Turkish President Erdogan, the terrorist attack in Nice and the ongoing war on IS the world does not look very peaceful these days. The fact that some contemporaries as worries about the future make is understandable &# 8211; unfortunately, but misused for wild propaganda and stirring up fears. This includes the warning of the alleged third world war, which is making the rounds at the moment.

  • Supposedly, the third world war will begin in August 2016 with three possible dates are called (more on this below).
  • The war therefore begins after an attack NATO - armies in Russia.
  • Germany should take the lead role in the campaign.

The whole story is, of course, utter nonsense what can be seen from the fact also that are called as author unknown blogs and rumors cooks do not even begin to make the effort to deliver a political statement. Instead, it relies on crude conspiracy theories from the bottom drawer. So be named as dates for the start of the Apocalypse, the following data:

  • 08/01/2016
  • 08/15/2016
  • 08/16/2016

The reasoning reads just as outrageous as the whole story: On 01. 08. 2016 start the Celtic reaper hard Lammas, the initiating harvest time. Supposedly there are several prophecies which said that the harvest this year could not be retracted. If you like preferred number games, can also cobble together a numerological derivation:

1.08.2016 = 1 + 8 + 2 + 1 + 6 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9         1 + 8 = 9      2 + 1 + 6 = 9

Turning these figures to obtain the combination 666 &# 8211; the number of the devil. This may of course be a coincidence and is for supporters of conspiracy theories of certain proof that the final catastrophe falls on that day about us. The reasons for the other data are quite absurd, even for Facebook ratios and refer to a wedding of Isisi and Osiris exactly 10,000 years, which is connected somehow with the inauguration of the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel, which in turn opens a dimensional in the underworld. As you can see: A unique evidence so &# 8211; after all, even Baba Vanga already last year has indeed warned of a major war.

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When will the 3rd World War? Is it a nuclear war?

The latest warning of the Third World War in social media is therefore nonsense &# 8211; which, however, does not mean that the military and scientists have not been dealing seriously with the question of whether and when a third world war could begin.

The American August Cole directs example, in the US think-tank Atlantic Council, the project &# 8220; Art of Future Warfare&# 8220 ;. After Cole's opinion one could not easily imagine a future armed conflict as the United &# 8220; a second world war with modern weapons&# 8221; World War III could thus start even without the people ever notice as If a satellite would be destroyed, let him decide for communication of a state.

Video: The Third World War &# 8211; ZDF History

The question of where the conflict could begin, there are different opinions. According to Cole a state like Syria could provide the occasion: now many parties are involved in the country, including Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, the US and France in the fight against IS, as well as Turkey. The situation could escalate, as when Russia bombard American units by mistake and the United States feel compelled to respond.

All these are at the present time, of course, only speculation &# 8211; Experts rather assume that another large World War due to the strong international economic integration is currently unlikely.

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