Plague Inc. for the PC: So you get the game on the computer

"Plague Inc." is now the tip when it comes to simulation games for the smartphone. A version for the PC, there is not yet, but you can Plague Inc. play a trick on the home PC.

Plague Inc. for the PC: So you get the game on the computer

Plague Inc. play with the PC

In Plague Inc. you need help to take over the world domination and exterminate the entire human race a plague. Games like Plague Inc. are not designed for the PC, but can also play well on these. Above all, the better view on a larger screen pays off. A PC version of "Plague Inc." Although already announced, but still waiting for it. Nevertheless, you can the game already with a trick play on your PC.

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Plague Inc .: online alternatives are not an alternative

The developers of "Plague Inc." have made a lot of effort in to run the game realistically as possible. Unfortunately circulating many squeezes of the game on the internet that you can play online with the PC you but that do not come close to the original. Especially the aggressive advertising is striking partly the Games in English and especially in this area are poorly implemented, which will not be particularly great gaming fun. Therefore, I recommend you the original version that you can use it in a few steps on your PC.

Plague Inc. for the PC: How it works!

To give you "Plague Inc." on the PC up and running, you have to download you first the BlueStacks App Player and install it. This works on both Windows and the Mac.

BlueStacks App Player Download

The installation is very simple: you load you use on your Mac or Windows computer and launches the clear installation.

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Plague Inc. for the PC: So you installed the app

Have installed it to apply, you go there, just go to the local app stores for Android and looks for the game "Plague Inc." Share I would you to install the Amazon App Stores, as you there, if you have bought the game via this , you can access for the PC on the paid version of "Plague Inc.". Your gaming achievements are also transferred and so you can continue playing where you have left off on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, there is no way to load at BlueStacks your applications directly from the Play Store, here you are relying on alternative app stores. Control of the game is initially a bit cumbersome, but with a little practice it is no longer a problem.


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