Stardew Valley: Save Editor Download – Changes inventory items, character values, pet, farm and more

The Save Editor for Stardew Valley you can put you items in your inventory, change character values ​​and make your dog to the cat. In addition, you can assign and edit your farm as well as cooking and unlock crafting recipes to her new name. We show where you can find the download of Save editor and how you use it.

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Anyone who wants to set in play Stardew Valley quickly locate specific items in the inventory or change farm, character or Pet values ​​including name, can now with the so-called Save Editor. It changes your save file by the save game file is opened and edited.

Note: The Save Editor is still in a beta phase. So that makes a backup of your savegame files. How to do this, we explain here: Stardew Valley: Save games folder & Manually save and load - Here&# 8217; s on location. With us, the editor but works very well.

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Stardew Valley: Save Editor modifies inventory items, character values ​​pet, farm and more

The Save Editor Stardew Valley you can do the following:

With the editor you your Stardew Valley savegame changed.With the editor you your Stardew Valley memory status changed.
  • Character and farm name change: Without editor that's also: Stardew Valley: Character and farm name changed later (including appearance) - Here&# 8217; s
  • raise money: If you want to do this the honest way, look over here: Stardew Valley: earn quick money - Here&# 8217; s
  • Change character values ​​such as:
    • Max Health
    • Max Stamina
    • Attack
    • Resilience
    • Immunity
    • speed
    • mine level
    • Attack, Crit chance Magnetic radius, knockback, Weapon Speed, Crit Power, Precision Weapon
  • change inventory items and add
  • Crates items and add
  • edit farm
  • Add Cooking- and crafting recipes or remove
  • Pet change, including name and number Heart

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Stardew Valley: Save Editor Download

Save the editor for Stardew Valley can be found on the Chucklefish forum. He is about 1.4 MB in size and is currently in version before. not paying attention to download an older version. The version for example, has even less features. In addition, there is the auto-updater appears to be defective.

Stardew Valley: The Save Editor can edit it your farm and enable building.

To use the Save Editor, you go as follows:

  1. Extract the ZIP file to a folder of your choice and start the EXE file.
  2. Finished Stardew Valley, if it is still running.
  3. Click on File, Load and select your save game file. You can find them in the folder: C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ StardewValley \ Saves
    Note: USERNAME replaced by your profile name in Windows. The folder can be found then the subfolder with your savegame files.
  4. Opens the file whose name is made up of your character name and a numerical code.
  5. Now all the values ​​and data of your savegames are displayed. You can now enter different values.
  6. Upstairs there is a tab for your character, your inventory, your boxes, your farm that unlocked Cooking- and crafting recipes and for your pet (dog or cat).
  7. Does the tabs successively through and changes the values ​​and settings as needed.
  8. When you're done, you save the changes via the menu File, Save. Confirms the question to overwrite the savegame file with Yes.
    Note: The Save-Editor saves standard from a backup of your original file.
  9. Now you can start Stardew Valley and check the changes.

Tip: In the tab for your farm you can place or remove different things placed and farm buildings. The functions are so far still rudimentary.

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