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After HTC has set this year with the One M9 neatly into trouble, now rest all hopes of the ailing group to be released in autumn HTC Aero. Information on the equipment or the design are still in short supply. But as the new high-end smartphone might look, at least, now displays the talented product designers Hasan Kaymak with a beautiful concept of HTC Aero. 

HTC Aero: Beautiful concept for their upcoming flagship smartphone

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Drop in sales, catastrophic sales, plummeting stock prices and last even red numbers - if HTC did talk in recent times of itself, then only with negative headlines. The main culprit is the One M9 (test) that could not even begin to meet the great expectations. Hardly surprising, because the 5-incher offers simply not enough new features compared to its predecessor. This applies on the one hand for the built-in technology, but on the other hand especially for the optics, which has not changed significantly since three generations. The HTC Aero must therefore particularly nachbesseren at this point - and possibly the Taiwanese company Hasan Kaymak should do, because his concept for HTC Aero leaves a converging mouth watering.

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Biggest eye catcher is undoubtedly the huge display that takes up almost the entire front thanks to extremely narrow display edges. As someone has therefore the term "screen-to-body ratio" very much to heart. fall and the beveled edges of the metal casing and rounded edges that give the device an almost feminine touch in the eye. The back is curved and somewhat reminiscent of the blissful iPhone 3GS.

Something strange, however, is that the volume control on the left bottom, next to the obvious USB Type-C connector is attached. Why Kaymak has chosen this location is not known. At least in your pocket could be controlled with this button positioning the volume easily with index and middle fingers when the smartphone is directed to the 3.5 millimeter jack up.

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HTC Aero allegedly with "breakthrough" camera technology

Back to reality, which speaks on the HTC Aero from a "breakthrough" camera technology. That would make good because the installed cameras for years already represent the Achilles heel of HTC's top models is - it could not change the boring becoming gimmicks à la UltraPixel- or duo camera. Other rumors go, among other things from a slightly curved front 2.5D, as it is already known from the iPhone 6 or Nokia's Lumia smartphones.

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Whether the Aero may be HTC's hoped-for savior? By the autumn, when the new smartphone will be presented, we can then judge it concludes.

Source: Hasan Kaymak Innovations @ Google +, via: Phone Arena

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