5 Reasons Why the HTC is better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 10

Undoubtedly is the HTC 10 in the mighty shadow of the Samsung Galaxy S7: While it still looks economically excellent at Samsung, the Taiwanese manufacturer is struggling with the new top smartphone matter continues to remain relevant in the mobile market. There are as well a few good reasons, the HTC 10 preferable to the flagship of the South Koreans - five of which we shall call below.

5 Reasons Why the HTC is better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 10update: in the editorial of GIGA ANDROID course there is no dictatorial unit opinion. Kaan colleague is, however, pleased with the Galaxy S7 and presented in response five reasons why the Galaxy S7 is better than the HTC 10th

1. Aluminum design instead of glass back


Samsung has refreshed the design of the Galaxy S6 S7 and sets again on glass on the front and back. This may seem high, but also has some disadvantages. So put on the floor basically the fall inevitable that at least one of the two covered by glass sides will break. Moreover, it is annoying in everyday life for some users of having to rid the glass back of the Galaxy 7 of fingerprints.

The HTC 10 other hand, has an aluminum unibody that feels not only quality but can adhere to are also no fingerprints. Light scratches on the metal case is there without problems, this can be easily wiped away.

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2. Boom sound speakers without restrictions

booming sound

The speakers have always been an advantage of HTC smartphones over the competition. When HTC 10 Although no longer as in previous models, two stereo front speakers are installed, but there are boom sound thanks to the interaction of the integrated into the headphone shell and at the bottom of the speaker.

The sound from the speakers is thus significantly more natural and higher quality than the Samsung Galaxy S7. Moreover, the quality is not compromised by covering the speaker with your fingers, which can be important for games just in the use in landscape mode.

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3. USB Type-C: Reversible and forward

USB Type-C to USB 3.0

Samsung has (probably due to the lack of compatibility with the Gear VR) decided not to mount a USB Type C connector at the Galaxy S7. Most users are the port anyway still suspicious, but this does not change the fact that the new standard in the coming years will certainly prevail.

This is not only because the standard ensures that you can plug in cable on both sides in the smartphone. In combination with the USB 3.1 standard can theoretically connect all kinds of peripheral devices such as external monitors or virtual reality equipment and provide them with sufficient electricity. When HTC 10, not only the normal USB 3.0 standard is actually integrated, but the newer and faster 3.1 standard - that could still allow in the future some interesting applications.

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4. HTC Sense 10: Close to stock Android

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It is certainly an issue if you really better place stock Android as TouchWiz. But who partout not want to get used to the surface from Samsung, because it is quite different from that specified by Google design should very quickly be in favor of the surface of the HTC 10th

Basically, the HTC 10 software does not differ much from that of a smartphone with stock Android. This is apparent not only visually, but also in the operation: The animations are fast and without any superfluous gimmicks. Also bloatware or other unnecessary preloaded apps you will not find on the HTC 10th

5. Front camera with OIS

front camera

A nice, but practical detail: The front camera of the HTC 10 comes as the first world with an OIS module for optical image stabilization. This is perhaps interesting for the one or the other Vlogger who wants to use the phone on the way to lead about a video diary. By integrating OIS video recordings are also with the front camera without any lag possible.

Those were five reasons why the HTC is better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 10th Can you think of even one more? Then it tells us in the comments! 

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