Speedport.ip: Configure router

As a customer of Telekom, you access the router configuration via the address "speedport.ip". Here you can find all information and options that you need for the optimal setting of the network and network security. individual settings for Internet connections over speedport.ip in the most and set the router's discretion.

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163174No valid IP configuration

The configuration menu of the telecom router reached her by her "speedport.ip" as an address in any browser eingebt (without quotes). Is you the numeric keypad more, you can alternatively enter the IP address

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Router configuration on speedport.ip

  • After entering the Speedport destination, be it in the form of letters or numbers, you have to have the router password to enter.
  • This is usually on the bottom of the router.
  • Have you already changed the password, and know the access is no longer, we'll show you what you can do if the Speedport password has been forgotten.
  • During the first login on speedport.ip you can set up the telecom router by its selects the step-by-step wizard left of the browser and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • So not everyone who is strong enough to lift the router can change your settings through the speedport.ip, you should at first use also under the "Security" section to change the password for the router.


speedport-ip-screenshotSuch is the speed port configuration menu

As with all passwords applies: Selects a safe combination of numbers, letters and special characters, noting it well with you, or quoted them to you so that only you have access to the password you. We have to also tips for a safe password ready.

  • Therefore still not everyone can perform illegal downloads via your internet connection, you should see "Security" - "SSID & Select WLAN security encryption stone settings, "select" "and set a password for the Wi-Fi access.
  • Manages its section "WLAN access restriction" on, you determine which devices are allowed to stay in the WLAN.

In the "Network" menu can all be viewed registered in the home network devices. In addition, the wireless function of the router can be switched on and off here.

Speedport.ip: Configure Telephony

About the router menu you can also make settings for telephony.

  • Controls for this purpose the corresponding Telephony menu and sets the mark at "Telephony set up with: DSL Telephony".
  • then give one of your telephone numbers and the telephone and Internet access.
  • Decide for your provider.
  • Give in "DSL phone number" the number that is to be displayed when making outgoing calls to the called party. The number has to be entered in the following format: 030123456th
  • Under E-mail address their own T-Online-mail address will be entered.
  • The data can be found in the telecom documents.
  • In this way, other DSL phone numbers can be entered.


Speedport.ip not work?

  • If the access to the router does not work over speedport.ip, turns the router once complete, removes all cables and wait a few seconds.
  • Now you Stoppers back cable cord, sets the current in motion and waits again until the unit is powered up and can establish a connection to the Internet and the computer. If this does not happen automatically, you should also regularly in the menu "Load & look into secure "to possibly refresh the router software via a firmware update.
  • Problems should not be fix, you can reset the Speedport router to factory settings. For this purpose, a corresponding "Reset" button found on the router which can be operated by a sharp object.
  • If there are any questions or problems in setting up the speedport.ip device, you apply directly to the free telecom hotline on 0800-33 01,000th

Speedport.ip - router

Error connecting with speedport.ip

Even if multiple devices are connected to the port speed router, the connection fails in the browser address bar by typing speedport.ip. In this case, you can try to assign a fixed IP in the home network your computer. Opens from the Control Panel, the network settings. section &# 8220; TCP / IPv4&# 8243; can determine their IP address. Selects this one address in the form 192.168.2.x. For &# 8220; x&# 8221; sets its subnet mask for her sets the value is a number between 2 and 255, the default gateway Save your changes and attempt a re Connection via speedport.ip build.

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