Am and pm: What is what?

They have been very likely ever read in Internet chats or you see them on digital clocks: the abbreviations am and pm. But what does and what the pm? Where the abbreviations come and with what mnemonic may make you remember most easily?

With globalization we are confronted with expressions that are not part of everyday language use. When am and pm It is precisely such a phenomenon. The following versions are used synonymously: Am and Pm; at the. and p.m .; AT THE. and P.M. or A / M and P / M. No matter what style, they all mean the same thing.

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The meaning of am and pm

The abbreviations are from the Latin , meaning literally:

  • AM: ante meridiem - before noon
  • PP: post meridiem - after noon

In Germany, uses the 24-System. In countries such as Canada, the US and other English-speaking countries 12-hour system. The day is so à in half 12 hours divided.

AM stands accordingly for the period after midnight until the morning and PM for the afternoon.

  • AM: midnight (0:00) by noon (12:00)
  • PM: lunch (12:00) to midnight (24:00)

That the analog or digital display is a decisive factor in the purchase of a wristwatch, this statistic can be inferred. Consuming calculations from the 24- to the 12-hour system does not apply to an analog display that is complete:

© Statista© Statista

Here you will find a table for converting the times formats:

12-hour system24-System
12:00 am00:00 or 24:00
12:01 am12:01
1:00 am1:00
3:00 am3:00
6:00 am6:00
9:30 am9:30
11:45 am11:45
12:00 pm12:00
12:30 pm12:30
03:00 pm15:00
4:00 pm16:00
8:00 pm20:00
10:00 pm22:00
11:00 pm23:00
Digital Alarm Clock© Chimpinski

Here you learn how it comes to the importance of other words stands:




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Am and pm: mnemonics

Actually quite simple. But as often as you always chooses the wrong thing, if you have the choice between two things. That is why we have at this point some mnemonics compiled for you:

  • The Alphabet: In the German alphabet, the letter P comes after a. Pm is timed so behind on location.
  • One can also note then AM: PM stands for "morning" and thus for the period between 00:00 to 12:00.
  • PM you can remember, by thinking of PM = Past Midday (after lunch).

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