end programs: Task Manager, Shortcuts & amp; more (Windows)

This is a program or game can not be terminated, is always possible times. Whether the corresponding program crashed or you will no longer come out of the full screen mode: By what means you can force quit a program in Windows, you learn in this guide.

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Usually, most Windows programs have a regular close button with which you can exit the application. Some programs continue to run in the background and can only be stopped from the toolbar of the taskbar. Most full-screen applications such as PC games have a button in the menu to exit the application. But what to do if the program does not close unexpectedly or hangs up?

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exit program &# 8211; shortcuts

skype-work-no-moreTo end a program in Windows, there are two common keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + F4
Shift + Q

Stop these shortcuts the currently active window when a program is, however, crashed, it may be that the keyboard shortcuts are not recognized.

exit program &# 8211; Task Manager

With the Task Manager you can quit any running program and its processes. The task manager helps continue even if the program stops responding or crashed and no longer to an end in the normal way or the keyboard shortcuts. To start the Task Manager, there are several options:

  1. The key combination: Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  2. Alternative shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  3. Select the Start Task bar and then right-click Task Manager.

In Task Manager, now you can see all running programs and their current status under the Applications tab. Click Stop the appropriate program and Task button to end the program.

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If the program is still not closed, you can be the rider to change processes and verify that still processes of the application running. Click this goes on and the End Process button. Windows will ask you to see if you really want to end the process, what you end up with a single click on the button process confirmed in a new window.

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