HDMI cable and the differences that should be noted

Who wants to buy an HDMI cable, takes place in the electric retail-shelf or online offer not only a cable but can choose between different cable lengths, prices and more. So you get the right cable for the best quality, or does not commit a mistake in the budget solution, you will find an overview of the differences in HDMI cables here.

65492What is HDMI?
Even if HDMI cable distinguish visually not great, there might be differences in quality of the selection.

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HDMI cables: Are there differences with the length, quality and Co.?

HDMI cable and the differences that should be notedThe abbreviation "HDMI" stands for "High Definition Multimedia Interface". The connection has now replaced the connection via SCART from the living room. Via HDMI can for. B. joined a console to the TV or the laptop image are applied to a television. Unlike SCART and other connections there is no loss of quality in the transmission of audio and video data between source and target devices when connecting via HDMI.

  • The first version of the HDMI standard dates back of 2002.
  • Since then, the standard is constantly evolving to z. integrate as new audio and video formats.
  • To use all the latest features as possible, both output and target device and cable on the same HDMI status need to be. When buying a HDMI cable you should therefore keep in mind the standard. Supports your Blu-ray player HDMI 1.4, the cable, however, is only designed for 1.2, it can affect the transmission of this. A data transfer is at different standards, however, nothing in the way.
  • Since 2010, only "HDMI Standard" and "HDMI High Speed" is specified by the HDMI Licensing organization stated.
  • HDMI high-spped cable characterized by a transfer rate of 2.10 Gbps.
  • Buyer of the cable but you should check in advance whether certain features, such. B. 4K, HD Audio, Deep Color and 3D part manufacturers are also listed.
  • Due to the uniform standards can be found at the HDMI cables, although large gaps priced, high but hardly any significant differences.

HDMI cable and the differences

In general, no quality differences as blurry images or dull colors are available at the individual cables. entweder, cable transmits the required signal or there is complete misfire.

A cable with gold contacts is not a must. Although these do not rust, unlike conventional connectors, however, the oxidation will only appear in rare cases. In particularly cheap processed HDMI cables of gold plug is also regarded only as a selling point, while the plug is coated with a thin gold layer, which can easily peel off.

HDMI cable and the differences that should be noted

The cable length should you choose according to your needs, for longer than necessary. Up to a length of 10 m, there is no significant difference in quality among the HDMI cables. 10 m and a signal amplifier, an HDMI repeater, be necessary. This depends on the devices and the built-in HDMI receiver chip.

When buying a HDMI cable, the handle to an expensive method is recommended only in rare cases. For everyday use numerous good and at the same affordable HDMI cables are available, a difference in the quality and playback will be noted only in the rarest cases. Too mean you should not be however. Thus, one should look for when choosing a clean finish.

With us you also learn what you can do if there is no sound via HDMI.

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