7 Days to Die: Survival Guide in the Apocalypse

Arrived in the Apocalypse and now? 7 Days to Die Sun has in store for you some threats day and night, although it is clear that it should not rather be outdoors at night. How can a little longer or maybe survive for a while, we show you in our survival guide.

7 Days to Die: Survival Guide in the Apocalypse

On the first day of your apocalypse zombies trot just as before it. Of course, they are hungry and want more of it pretty easy walk you to the laundry, but you can in daylight. At night, the undead are significantly faster. They rush towards you and every time you have completed one and turns you already lurking the next zombies on you. It is the Darkness that strengthened. Therefore, you should be careful when you enter a house in which it is quite dark, as this strengthens the zombies. If you seek additional basic information about 7 Days to Die, read our Beginner's Guide.

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The first step in 7 Days to Die

If you in the world of 7 Days to Die spawn, you should you with the map &# 8220; M&# 8221; an overview of your direct environment. This you can see what holds the card to get ready and how resources you can pounce on. For this to succeed well, you should first three basic things collect. Seek out a sharp stone, a stick and a vegetable fiber. So that you can check out a Stone ax to build. This allows you to collect the first materials and ward off the occasional zombie.

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  • Noise attracts Zombies: Trying to be little noise from you. Especially at night, you should be quiet.
  • Container: Scans all container the you can find. You need just about everything you can find.
  • Bird nest: Explores the counter from around you for bird's nests. In addition to food you will also find useful construction materials.
  • Enough food in your luggage: If you upon you explorations makes, you should ensure that you have enough food and drink there.
  • minimap: Another feature of the card is that her on her Zombies Detection can nearby.
  • torches: Donate you light and influence the Behavior of the zombies.
  • Preparing food: Meat have to fry it and boil water often, otherwise you face a poisoning.
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Prey in 7 Days to Die

Similar to RPGs, you should collect, collect, collect. Worried you regularly construction materials, so you can attach a shelter for the night. Take with plenty, especially food and water. These are essential for survival. Once her a cup you found, you can also water gain from a lake, which her but before drinking only scald need.


A very useful facility tool is the forge. With it you can iron blocks produce. Gather iron residues and she throws together with wood and clay into the fire and you get a basic material for the most important tools such as shovelAxes, pickaxes or Construction materials.

  • Always take metal: An important craft material that you will need for the most useful things.

With a hoe you can, for example, a small Agriculture build up. Loosens the soil and sow seeds. Now you have to take care of sun and water and best build a fence around. Otherwise runs her risk that your fields are destroyed by animals or zombies.

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Food in 7 Days to Die

Food is an essential part of your survival. Have enough here, searching for new sources and takes care of things. For an overview of the food looks in our Beginner's Guide.

first accommodation

it if ye saves on the roof of a house is the best. This should ideally not be in a city because there are more zombies roam. Barricaded you and sets up the first important things. These include a bed, a blacksmith, a campfire and a few boxes for storing objects. Once you've set up your sleeping place, appears on the map &# 8220;Shelter&# 8220 ;, which represents your Respawnpunkt if the zombies catch you.

  • Tries in the house to destroy the stairs and to issue you with a rope ladder to the roof.
  • Barricaded possible gaps behind you and secure doors and windows with wooden blocks. (Or more solid materials)
  • Best investigated a house made of bricks, because zombies they can not so easily destroyed.
  • At night you should crafting. Outside, you would tear the zombies.
  • If you do, try to be as quiet as possible to provoke any unpleasant surprises.

If you need a practical tip for a simple, quick accommodation, looked at this video:

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