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often falls at GearBest inches at in addition to the purchase price. This is a factor that you should take into account in the cost calculation. How much is this where you pay what you must prove you are and how you can buy duty-free GearBest, we explain here.


  • What are the customs charges at China orders?
  • As you ordered duty-free GearBest?
  • prove to the customs value of the goods

Even with GearBest falls inches only apply from a certain total price. Many items you can order duty free. In other articles in the Chinese Mail Order takes over the customs clearance and you've got to worry about anything. But if the customs actually strikes, you have to consider a lot. Sometimes you get lucky and a package "slips". But if you get mail from Customs, you must prepare yourselves.
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Duty-free shop of EU GearBest*

When does duty is payable on GearBest and how much will it cost?

In general, an order from abroad - and thus also from China - duty-free up to a value of 22 euros. "Value of goods"For customs but that does Sum of all costs, the you had to pay, including any Shipping.

gearbest Inch costWhat is the GearBest-inch cost may be, you see on the customs website

Now there is a little special bonus: The tariff does not involve any fees under 5 euros a. Thus, the practical limit duty-free sums up 26.30 euros. So, the cost of the order - including shipping - less than 26.30 euros, then you have to pay duty.

However, there is one small catch here is: The value of goods is in fact sometimes not on the outside of the shipment, even after opening clearly determine. The Chinese traders believe that they are doing something good for you when something like write on a large parcel out "gift worth five US dollars." As the Customs has his doubts and then you have just yet appear there and prove the actual costs. How to do this, we explain a little further down.

Important:No tariff exemption there on the importation of alcoholic products, perfumes and toilet waters, tobacco and tobacco products. In addition, must continue coffee tax be paid. Then it is irrelevant whether the product value is below the limit of 22 euros!

Tip: customs duties when importing movies

Customs fees, taxes, customs duties

Whether is due when ordering GearBest inches, you can calculate yourself. The following basic rules apply here:

  • To a Value of 22 euros, the import duty free. Because of the above-mentioned special rule mathematically even up to 26,30 EUR.
  • If the Sum 22 to 150 euros, then the mission is still duty-free, but you must 19 percent import tax pay (7 percent for books or groceries).
  • About a value of 150 euros become in addition to import VAT also Inch charges due. The calculated from several different components depend on the respective product groups.

That should give you an approximate approach for tariff costs that may be incurred in GearBest or other Chinese mail-order companies. A deeper explanation can read on the customs website her.

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order duty-free GearBest

For some time, you can save customs duties at GearBest. There are some articles the opportunity when ordering as a shipping option "Germany Express" respectively "Germany direct Express" to choose. On the order page itself is also talk of "Germany Priority Line". This not only ensures a faster delivery, rather saves you the customs duties.

gearbest-germany-expressSelects United Express as shipping and GearBest pay the customs for you

With this delivery option the package does not come from China, but will be sent to you from England. customs duties but are only charged for imports into England and GearBest paid there own. For you, the package comes from England and is therefore a duty-free shipment within the EU.

How GearBest that does and why it's worth? still you must remember that it is "China-products" (Made in PRC). Fidget Spinner cost, for example, with us around 8 euros. In China, you can order them for 60 cents - including postage. And then the vendor is still making a deal. the Chinese traders leads to its Value in England, and he may give a value of 20 cents. Then he pays Customs and tax - in the cent range. And then he can sell you without tariff for 3 euros. Your rejoice, because you do get so cheap. The trader has earned at least 2.00 euros per share.

demonstrate value of goods of GearBest order at customs

If the customs holds a GearBest order and shall declare her the broadcast, then you have the duty to prove the value of goods. This can be difficult because, strangely, the printed invoice amounts from the amounts actually paid differ.

gearbest-bill InchThe GearBest invoice for customs

Usually you pay at GearBest with PayPal. Take a screenshot of the document on the PayPal website and prints it out. The same should you do with the display of your order with GearBest. In addition, you will send GearBest to an order confirmation via e-mail. Prints these. The more evidence you bring, the more complicated is the matter with your order of GearBest at customs.

A very important tip: Tries in no way to cheat the customs, by falsifying their documents. Should give a more accurate test that you have tried that, it is a criminal offense.

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