Fallout 4 – Nuka-World: Nuka find recipes and their effects

The last DLC for Fallout 4 kidnapped you in the Nuka-World. Here, everything revolves around the famous Nuka-Cola, which you can establish itself even. Here you will find in the world not only new Nuka-soft drinks, but can also collect recipes that let you create different flavors. We show you in this guide how this works.

Nuka-Cola is the most popular drink in Fallout &# 8211; even after the nuclear disaster of soft drink is still a lot of followers. The sixth and final DLC for Fallout 4 pays homage to the drink and equips it with its own Amusement park.  In Fallout 4 Nuka-World you will find not only 7 new Nuka-drinks, but also a variety recipes with which you new flavors created. We show you in this guide to Fallout 4 Nuka-World, where you can find these recipes Nuka can and especially what the new Nuka-sodas for effects bring.

Safety measures prior to Nuka-world visit with Flaschi and Korki:

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Fallout 4 &# 8211; presented Nuka-soft drinks and their effects: Nuka-World

In the colorful world of Fallout 4 Nuka-World can be found next to the famous drinks Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cola Quantum the concept can be found in the theme park world everywhere also 4 new Nuka-sodas. In addition, however, there are also 15 recipes, hidden in the various parks of Nuka-World. but first we want to show you what effects the various soft drinks have and how you crafting can.

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Crafting performs on her Nuka mixer station out. These are machines which are located throughout the world of Nuka-World. Here you build you own tastes together &# 8211; However, this only works when you have found the recipes. Moreover, their specific materials needed. In the following table takes you all Nuka-soft drinks with their buffs and crafting materials:

imageSurnameeffectsCrafting items
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-ColaNuca ColaTP 30 * Bike 2

AP 10 *

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-Cola-quantumNuca Cola QuantumTP 600 * Bike 2

AP 100

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-cherryNuka-CherryTP 75 *

bike 2

AP 25 *

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-grapeNuca-GrapeTP 150 * 50 * AP

Wheel -400 *

fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-wildNuka-Cola WildTP 30 * Bike 2

AP 20 *

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-victoryNuka-Cola Victorywheel 11-
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-Cola-quartzNuca Cola QuartzAP 240 * wheel 11-
fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-OrangeNuka-Cola OrangeTP 150 * 50 * AP

Radiation resist 25 *

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-cola-darkNuka-Cola DarkStrength endurance 1 * 1 *

Perception -1 *

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-BerryHP 300AP 50

wheel -500

1x Nuka Nuka-Cola Cherry1x

1x Nuka-Grape

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-Bomb DropStrength endurance 1 * 1 *

Agility 1 *

1x Bourbon1x Nuka-Cola Dark

1x Nuka-Cola

1x Rum

1x Vodka

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-cideNuka-CideHP 75AP 300

Max AP 20 *

Max HP 50 *

withstand radiation + 35 *

1x Nuka-Cola Nuka-Dark1x Grape

1x Nuka-Cola Orange

1x Nuka-Cola Quartz

1x Nuka-Cola Victory

1x Nuka-Cola Wild

1x Nuka-Cola

1x Nuka-Cherry

1x Nuka-Cola Quantum

fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-CoolNuka-CoolerHP 3600 HP * Max 50 *

rad 5

AP 1049

Max AP 20 *

1x Nuka-Cola Quartz1x Nuka-Cola Victory

1x Nuka-Cola Quantum

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-FruttiHP 300AP 50

wheel -500

Radiation resist 25

1x Nuka Nuka-Cola Grape1x Orange

1x Nuka-Cola

1x Nuka-Cherry

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-HeartyHP 225AP 501x Karottenpflanze1x Nuka-Cola Dark

1x Nuka-Cola

1x Tato

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-Lixirresist HP 450Strahlung *

Damage resist 35 *

1x Nuka-Cola Orange1x Med-X

1x Nuka-Cola

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-loveNuka-LoveHP 150AP 3001x Nuka-Cola Nuka-Quartz1x Cherry
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-PowerCarrying capacity increased 60 *2x Nuka-Cola Nuka-Cola Dark1x
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-punchNuka-PunchMax AP 10 * 30 * Max HP

Wheel -500 *

HP 150

AP 50

1x Nuka Nuka-Cola Grape1x Orange

1x Nuka-Cola Quartz

1x Nuka-Cherry

fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-rayNuka-RayHP 999Strahlung resist 25 *1x Nuka-Cola Orange1x Nuka-Cola Victory
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-rushNuka-RushHP 999AP 401x Nuka-Cola Nuka-Cola Victory1x Wild
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berryNuka-SunriseHP 150AP 50

Radiation resist 25 *

1x Nuka-Cola Nuka-Orange1x Cherry
fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-voidNuka-VoidCarrying capacity increased 25 * 30 * Max HP

Max AP 10 *

1x Nuka-Cola Nuka-Cola Quantum Dark1x
fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-xtremeNuka-XtremeMax AP 10 * 30 * Max HP

wheel -500

1x Nuka Nuka-Cola Grape1x

1x Nuka-Cola Quantum

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In Kiddie Kingdom takes her two filling stations where you can fill it your own tastes. A station is right outside the Fun House and the second north of the Ferris wheel.

Gallery Fallout 4 - Nuka-World: filling station in Kiddie Kingdom

  • (Figure 1/3):The first stop in front of the Fun House
  • (Figure 3.2):The second is on the Ferris wheel
  • (Figure 3.3):Looking for that ride.

Locations of all Nuka-recipes in Nuka-World

Our trip to Nuka-World has given us previously 15 Nuka Recipes brought in. The bottom of the article you will find another Video, showing the localities.

  1. Nuka-Love Recipe: In the south of Nuka-World, still under the Nuka-station finds her the house from Evan. Goes to Evan and talk to him to get the recipe. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-love-the-counter
  2. Nuka-Cide Recipe: This recipe you find in Korkis bar in Nuka-Town, USA. Step into the cafe and keep right you where you can find the recipe on a table. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-cide-prescription
  3. Nuka-punch recipe: In the southwest of the map Grandchester Mystery Located. Go in and look for the right of the stairs by a red door, have to go through it. In contrast to the blue exit door is a chest of drawers on which the recipe is.  fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-punch-the-counter
  4. Nuka-Rush Recipe: Make your way to the park Safari Adventure. Goes in search of the Welcome Center and goes inside. The lowest level you see a circle of desks. Here is a terminal and next to it is the recipe. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-rush-prescription
  5. Nuka-Hearty Recipe: Also, this recipe is in Safari Adventure. Searches for a boat. Nearby there is a Nuka-Cola advertising sign, to which you should go. Before that, however, you have to turn right and go through a hole in the fence. Bend at the end of the way back to the right to see a small metal shed in which the recipe is located. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-hearty-prescription
  6. Nuka-Xtreme Recipe: This recipe is in Dry Rock Gulch. Searches for the unfinished Mad-Anaconda roller coaster and goes past her to get to the theater. In the theater you take the stairs on the right and then climb up the ladder into higher floor. On the roof of the recipe is hidden. fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-xtreme-prescription
  7. Nuka-Sunrise Recipe: This recipe is right next to the theater. but this time runs right beyond the theater entrance. Soon you will find a door that must crack her (expert). fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-sunrise-the-counter
  8. Nuka-Bomb drop Recipe: We remain a bit in Dry Rock Gulch and now go to the Mad Mulligans mine cart coaster. Examined in the entrance area for a food trolley on which the recipe is. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-bomb drop prescription
  9. Nuka-ray recipe: We go to the nearest park &# 8211; Galactic zone. Make your way to RobCo Battlezone. Goes into the house and walk down the stairs. On this floor you seat grandstands see. Between them is a passage that should take her. Veers right into the car in gear to find the recipe on a shelf. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-ray recipe
  10. Nuka-Cooler Recipe: In the Galactic Zone you can still find a recipe. Run left past Star Control and goes through the gate, which leads to the Star Market. Goes in search of the recipe on the shelves. fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-Cool-prescription
  11. Nuka-Void Recipe: We start again at the Star Market in the Galactic Zone. Runs from here to the nearby Starlight Interstellar theater and goes inside. Bends inward to the right until you see a big blue planet. Turns with him to the left through the door. In this room you should scan the bar to find the recipe. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-void-prescription
  12. Nuka-power Recipe: The next recipe is the Nuka-world factory, which finds her again in the Galactic Zone. Starts at the RobCo Battlezone and keep running west. Goes to the factory and then upward. In the room with a pool table, the recipe is. fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-power-prescription
  13. Nuka-Frutti Recipe: In the southwest of the map of Nuka-World Hubologisten the camp is located. Searches for a dinner and found the recipe book on a table. fallout-4-Nuka Nuka-world-frutti prescription
  14. Nuka-Berry Recipe: In Kiddie Kingdom is a once magnificent castle called King Cola&# 8217; s Castle. Go to the nearby theater and have in the right to come to a passage that says once the theater. Run behind the stage and then through the left door. Turns now to the right and goes left again through the passage. Looking to the right side of a double door (photo) and go through it to find the recipe on a table. fallout-4-Nuka-world-Nuka-berry-the-counter
  15. Nuka-Lixir Recipe: This recipe is also in Kiddie Kingdom. Travel to the Fun House and goes inside. Hold on right and go through the blue is illuminated double door, to get to the hall of mirrors. Now look at the video from minute 12 to to find the recipe, because from here the description is beyond all characters.

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