make Windows XP faster and optimized by simple means

While Windows 7 already done much even quite good, you should urgently lend a hand, one wants to make Windows XP faster. There is a lot of brake system on which the user can influence. That already starts when you boot dozens automatically-starting programs to stop the boot process and then occupy precious memory that Windows really needs for normal applications.

Especially older notebook or netbook on which still runs Windows XP and the same time have relatively little memory, can use to optimize the boot process here.

speed up Windows XP &# 8211; clean Startup

If memory is not enough, then Windows uses the hard drive as memory. It works like this: The operating system has a limited amount of main memory. In that it attempts to load every program that we launch. but if this memory is now full, Windows could theoretically give an error message and tell us that we must first stop other programs. But that does not happen. Instead, the system moves a part of the memory to the hard disk in the paging file. The freed memory can now be used by a new program.

However, Windows XP is by getting slower! Because a disk access takes much longer to get than the content directly from the memory. And then the new content must indeed back to the disk. Or the Windows memory management decides to bring the program back into the main memory and to push a different content in the file. Also takes back. For this reason, one of the most important tasks to optimize Windows XP that you create free space.

If we freely admit main memory by removing unnecessary programs from the startup group, then we can speed boats and simultaneously ensure that more free memory is available. And that is an effective option to make Windows XP faster. A simple way to do this is already built into Windows XP. In the so-called System Configuration Utility, we can enable or disable all programs at startup.

windows xp msconfigWe can make Windows XP faster by we disable startup programs

If we click on the Windows Start button, then we will see in the following menu, &Run; # 8220&# 8221 ;. There we enter msconfig and press Return. Now the Windows configuration program is called, in which we can change a lot of settings yourself. Under System startup, we see the programs in the startup. Here we turn off everything that we think is unnecessary. If in doubt, you can undo it. Now just click OK and the next boot is not only faster, it is also more free memory and that makes Windows XP faster.

Windows XP make faster through an uncluttered hard drive

Windows XP operating principle already with the NTFS formatting the hard drive, which provides a lower defragmentation of data before. Nevertheless with prolonged use of the computer a tangible slowing of data access is shown. On the one hand is actually on the defragmentation of data, on the other hand on the amount of data garbage that has accumulated.

For both purposes Windows XP brings already effective programs, so we have to get us anything new. First, the hard disk should be entmüllt. This is done by the native Windows XP Disk Cleanup. We achieve this in the Start menu under All Programs / Accessories / System Tools. After the start we have to choose a drive first, so the boot drive C, which appears to us that everything could be cleaned up and how much space is to be gained by it.

windows xp datentraegerbereinigungWindows XP is also faster if garbage is removed

What is there to see, can be a lot depending on the past. After Disk Cleanup, which can take a long time especially when subsequent data compression, the hard drive is ready for defragmentation. To achieve it, we open the Explorer window &Computer; # 8220&# 8221; and click there with the right mouse button on drive C.

windows xp defragmentationDefragmenting is obviously necessary &# 8211; then Windows XP is faster

This will open the context menu where we click at the bottom of properties opens. In the next window, we click on the tab Extras and there then &# 8220; Defragment Now&# 8221 ;. An analysis of the current state enlightens us as to whether the board has a defragmentation needed. This should, if necessary. Also perform &# 8211; and regularly.


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