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In the shotcut Download is an open source tool for video editing, with which you can quickly and easily cut and convert videos, and a variety of formats are supported.

Of the shotcut download supported as input in addition to video files from the hard drive and stream formats HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, HLS, UDP and MMS; moreover Webcam images can be fed into the program. In addition to the interface functions, the open source video editing program also offers the possibility of using various filters and effects such as color correction or blur. In addition, you can specify any and video parameters such as frame rate, bit rate or image size. The audio track of the video can be adjusted in shotcut.

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Shotcut Download: How to cut the program video

To cut videos with the shotcut download the corresponding files can drag & Drop to be loaded into the program and then the intersections are defined. Then you can above-mentioned make video and audio settings. Shapes of videos can be reassembled by means of playlists with the video editing program by the way.

Also available: shotcut Portable

Internal operation of shotcut

A particular advantage of shotcut that the data loaded into the program video data is not converted first, but be edited natively. This has the advantage that when editing videos with the program takes place no loss of quality.

Even images are supported by shotcut

Besides videos of different formats shotcut the way, is also able to deal with image files JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, TGA, and SVG.

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