Sky ticket with Chrome Cast & amp; use AirPlay – Here’s how

Google Chrome Cast and AirPlay-enabled devices are among the officially supported streaming media players, which you can use ticket with Sky. Here, no additional software mus be installed on the streaming boxes. How can you use Sky ticket with Chromecast and AirPlay, we tell you the following howto.

Streaming devices like Google's Chromecast are on another device such as your phone or tablet (Android, iOS) instructed. Since the Sky ticket app for Android and iOS supports the transmission of content via Google Cast and AirPlay, you can bring to the television by these simple your Sky ticket content.

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Sky ticket with Chromecast & use AirPlay - important&# 8217; s

In order to use Sky ticket with Chromecast or AirPlay device, it simply goes as follows:

  1. installs Sky-ticket app on your smartphone or tablet (Android 4.1 and later or iOS 8.0 and later).
    Sky ticketdownloadQR codeSky ticketDeveloper: Sky Germany television GmbHPrice: Free Sky ticketdownloadQR codeSky ticketDeveloper: Sky *Price: Free
  2. Checks if your streaming box (Chromecast AirPlay device) and the smartphone same Wi-Fi network connected are.
  3. Now you simply starts the Sky ticket app and should next to the magnifying glass icon at the top right Cast button find (see picture).
    Sky ticket Chromecast Airplay
  4. Taps the cast icon to select the streaming device and to stream the contents of the app on your TV / projector.

In the past, Sky had massive problems with the cast feature in their app. Although their terminations or transfer difficulties noticed, but meet the requirements of your equipment and make other apps in the transmission of phone to Chromecast or AirPlay device no problems, you should contact the Sky customer service.

Note: Sky notes on the associated website that "some content" for licensing reasons can not be played over AirPlay.

Image Sources: Sky Ticket


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