Tips for the perfect profile picture at Lovoo

Are you looking for a Flirt with Lovoo? Then you have the best chance of having a good profile photo to get many likes in Lovoo. But what is particularly well? What looks sexy? What size should have your profile photo? We subsequently have the best tips for a perfect profile picture for you.

During match play the app counts your photo and decide mostly alone whether you come on the short list of the other Lovoo users. Thus Lovoo no different from the most popular dating apps:

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Size of the profile pictures at Lovoo

Have not you had any experience with Lovoo and know which measures should have your profile picture for the Flirt app? Do not panic, just tries to upload your photo. The image size is adjusted.

Are you getting the hint that your file is too large, it could be due to the resolution. We describe to you in the deposited articles on how you can reduce an image on the computer or directly on the iPhone.

If it is to go fast, easily helps a screen on the smartphone. With the borderless display of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 you can check up exactly the profile photos of your flirtations. We have the best offers for you:

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Lovoo profile picture: Tips for successful flirting

The optimal profile picture shows you in the best light: You seem sympathetic and sexy. The following tips will help you in this:

  • therefore just tried a smile and positive aura. Photos showing her touches iron post and your coolest views can act as a deterrent and not give the impression that you can have fun with you.
  • Stay tuned for the backgroundHave ye only photos on the sofa or in front of the mirror? Then your flirtation might get the impression that you hate to leave the house. Or does your profile photo a messy background? Then we can improve.
  • Group photos are not ideal: On your profile photo, which is visible as the first of the matches, should only be displayed her alone. Because many dating app users do not bother, still to see more photos on your profile, to determine who owns the profile.

    Young couple in love at the riverside© Tijana87 via iStockphoto

  • Direct your photo then from what you are looking at the app: A hot Flirt probably jumps to more form-fitting images - you seek a partnership that shows you with your Hobbies. Photos with animals are welcome. It may not always be an Sheba cat, the main thing it shows that you can respond reasonably to demands for the dogs and be fond of animals.
  • Are you a family Guy, show yourselves quietly with your nephew or grandma - so it works reliably and loving.
  • Set ye exclusively in Gym the scene that gives the impression that your chat partner can exercise a week including 7 days. Count for you the inner values, you should still take another photo in nature.
  • You seek only fun? Only party photos are the right message.

Convinced your photo, you may receive numerous Icebreaker. Read this our article Lovoo-Icebreaker: What is it and you can disable it?

No-Gos at Lovoo profile picture

The terms of use Lovoo dictate to you what should not be visible on your profile photo.

prohibited: Weapons, violence, forbidden symbols, drugs, advertising, naked people, genitals, pornographic content.

Photo in Lovoo Upload: Instructions

  1. Opens the Lovoo app and click the bottom right of your profile.Lovoo_Foto_hochladen2
  2. Scroll down until you see the photo icon from your images.Lovoo_Bild_hochladen
  3. If you tapping this, can you
    a) take a new photo,
    b) an image from your gallery or upload
    c) Import a photo from Facebook.
  4. After did you decide for an option, you can specify whether the new image must be your profile picture or not (slider) and the photo upload.Lovoo_Foto_hochladen

Of course, the tastes and times points teddy bears and even the tough guys are different. Likewise beach photos indicate not for everyone the perfect partner. If you only have travel pictures in profile, is perhaps a great travel companions, but did not stir at first glance the impression to settle down for a family.

What experience you have collected at Dating apps? Your advice can help to our readers in the comments.


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