The Witcher 3: Radovid of Redanien – all great for the last king

In The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, there are not many kings since the regicide Letho in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings killed some of them. But a still defies the invaders from Nilfgaard - Radovid of Redanien!

Since the events of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings there are some kings less in the Witcher world. This enabled the enemy Empire Nilfgaard invade privacy and take over the leaderless kingdom. But a monarch turns bravely against the attackers: Radovid - called the severity - of Redanien. But who is the young ruler and what he has to sorcerers?

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Radovid at a glance:

Full nameRadovid V. &# 8211; called the rigor &# 8211; King of Redanien
place of birthTretotgor
characterproud, unyielding, strict, brutal, vindictive, dutiful, relentlessly
particularitieslooks older than he is; has the features of Michał Madej, the chief designer of The Witcher; hates domination and disrespect; never forgets an insult


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The Witcher 3: Radovid the Underestimated

Radovid began his career as king under the most severe circumstances. His father was murdered by a Vizimir elven assassin, as Radovid was a child. And although his mother Hedwig tried to be a good regent, son and mother had to sit idly by as the country was divided by rival nobles.

thewitcher-radovid02Radovid of austerity &# 8211; Hard and unyielding.

Particularly outstanding among these rulers of the Council of Regency of the intelligence chief Sigismund Dijkstra and the sorceress Philippa Eilhart which especially patronized the young heir to the throne and his mother were. On both, the young king was to avenge cruel later.

Radovids rise

While its members were busy with their power games, the Regency did not realize that the young Radovid grew at a very energetic and strong man. Therefore, it came to her as a shock when he ascended the throne to his majority and the autocracy yanked over Redanien.

thewitcher-radovid01Radovid is rarely seen without armor.

Sigismund Dijkstra has escaped an assassination attempt and went into hiding only by very lucky. Phillipa Eilhart held for the time being, but the king did not trust her and the other magicians deeply (and rightly so!).

Radovid and Adda

During the events in The Witcher Radovid occurred several times and was also involved in a half-hearted plot against King Foltest Temeria and even with the Scoia'tael in league. But after it did not show the desired success, Radovid withdrew.

thewitcher-addaIf it allows Geralt Adda and Radovid be a happy couple.

Furthermore, he offered himself as a husband for Foltest's daughter Adda, but this has been transformed by a relapse again into a monster. Geralt could decide whether to redeem the princess from her curse or killed. In the first case it was actually Radovids woman, which he received great influence on the temerische throne.

Radovid and the witch hunt

Radovids finest hour came when the remaining ruler of the North met in Loc Muinne. There, the Wizard of the North should be reorganized under the leadership, but the King of Kaedwen planned to usurp Temeria under the nail by hijacked the bastard daughter of the late King Foltest.

the witcher 2_2After he learned of the Magicians conspiracy Radovid left many sorcerers executed.

However, Geralt could probably - along with Vernon Roche - free the girl and handed over to Radovid or Temerian commander. If Radovid got the girl, he told Temeria between itself and Kaedwen otherwise remained Temeria as an independent but weakened kingdom stand.

thewitcher-phillipaRadovid let herauspulen the eyes of Phillipa Eilhart with a spoon.


Furthermore Radovid came behind the machinations of the wizards who had indeed responsible for the regicide by hand, as they wanted to start their own magician State. Therefore, he ordered the arrest of his old rival Phillipa Eilhart and you rip out the eyes with a spoon. He then blew the big witch hunt and numerous magicians were killed or impaled by his troops.

Radovid and the war

thewitcher-radovid03Radovid the last strong monarch is in the north.

His unyielding policy towards magician puts Radovid even today with great zeal by. But the strict monarch turns brave the invaders from Nilfgaard contrary, making it the last bastion of freedom in the north. However, as long as the unyielding rulers against Emperor Emhyr is able to maintain var Emreis? And he will forgive Geralt if it has then thwarted his plans?

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