Android Calendar sync with Facebook, Google and Co.

Any reasonable device that wants to call smartphone, has now also integrates a detailed calendar function. Ideally, this calendar can be filled with data that is already on another platform such. B., registered on the PC. Of course, you can synchronize your calendar also on Android, so as to keep your data sheets are constantly up to date and reconcile with Facebook, Google and others.

Android Calendar sync with Facebook, Google and Co.

Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can watch the calendar app easily with Facebook or Google Calendar connect, so as to keep your appointments in sync. So can you z. See example on the calendar right, who has a birthday in the coming days or when the next event is due to which you have been invited through Facebook. The easiest way to synchronize the calendar for Android from the Google calendar. Here you can both on the smartphone, as well as Google in the browser your dates Enter and keep in sync.

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As with almost all settings and functions on the Android smartphone has an account with Google is required if you want to connect the Android calendar with Facebook. The account is usually created during the initial setup of the device, or connected to the device. If you, for whatever reason, still have no Google account on the device, read on here:

  • Set up a Google Account on Android

Sync Google Calendar with Android

So you can synchronize the data from your Google Calendar with Android, you must first create a Google account. This can you set or in the browser as well as directly on the Android device. Of course you can sign you up to Android device with an existing Google account. So that your appointments are linked from your Android device with the Google account, you must make sure that the appropriate setting is enabled. For this you open the settings of the Android device that calls the "Settings" and choose here under Accounts "Google". Selects the appropriate Google account under which the calendar with Android to sync and check whether "Calendar synchronize" the appropriate box is checked. If not, it sets it.

Will ye then synchronize the phone calendar with a Google Calendar goes as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app on the smartphone.
  2. Controls "Accounts" to the rider.
  3. Here you select "Google".
  4. Selects the Google Account for which you want to synchronize the calendar with Google calendar.
  5. Set the hook with "Calendar Sync."
android calendar-synchronize-screenshtoSpecifies the sources synchronize your Android calendar should

Synchronize a calendar on Android Facebook and Co.

now opens the calendar app of your choice and seek there the settings on. As a rule, you should here now can select that this calendar is synchronized with your Google account. In addition, data, dates and birthdays of other on your smartphone can be, or synchronize Tablet existing accounts. Thus, for example. As all birthdays and events that are registered in your Facebook account, are also represented in the Android calendar. If the data is not current, can be found in the respective calendar app a "Synchronize" button with which you can manually take over in the Android or PC calendar her recent previous screen.

android-calendar-sync-settingsDo you want to sync your Google Calendar with your Android device, check the settings if the corresponding box is checked

On the second page you learn how you can synchronize the calendar with Android Facebook.


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