Spotify Recorder – record music and store: Is that possible?

With over 20 million songs music lovers will find everything in Spotify could desire ear. If you can live with the restriction of a maximum of ten hours of music and now and then a commercial, Spotify can be used safely for free. With Spotify, but also with other music services, the question arises: Is there a Spotify recorder and can record the music?

Spotify Recorder - record music and store: Is that possible?

Whether the use of a Spotify recorder and thus the recording of the music is completely legal, has not yet been clarified. A binding court ruling there is not so. Compare various lawyers, snatching the Spotify music but with the legal recording of music from the radio on cassette tapes.

Spotify Recorder: Can we save music?

With a Spotify Recorder you do nothing else but up capture of the current track and store on your cassette in this case hard drive. These recordings you are allowed, whether from the radio MC, from the TV to VCR or even a Spotify Recorder as MP3 on the hard disk, however, explicitly working only for their own use. Once the recording of the net is offered as a download, or z. B. is resold, you enter the room definitely illegality.

Spotify Recorder - record music and store: Is that possible?

Free and legal tools that can record etc. their songs from online radio are u. a. the No23 Recorder or Audacity.

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Receiving and recording music with a Spotify Recorder

However, Spotify is the recording of music from the streaming portal opposed by an express passage in the terms of service. It says under item 8: User guidelines:

"Spotify respects the intellectual and industrial property rights and expects you that you also do this. This means for example that the following is not: (a) Copy, reproduce, rip, record or to make available to the public of any part of the Spotify Service or any information which you are transmitted via the Spotify Service or any other type of use of the Spotify service that is not expressly permitted by these conditions "

As a result, this means that it keeps the provider according to his conditions of use open, you exclude or when using a Spotify recorder from the service launch even further steps against you. Whether the recording of Spotify songs is technically understand, again is another matter.

  • Recording of songs Spotify is possible using tools like No23 Recorder or Audacity.
  • When using a Spotify Recorder situation is similar as with a recording from the radio.
  • Criminalized recording of songs Spotify is not.
  • It is by law not expressly forbidden recordings, recording songs, but also not allowed to completely and unambiguously.
  • A recording of the songs on Spotify for commercial purposes such. As for resale or upload is definitely prohibited.
  • In addition, the use of Spotify recorder is prohibited by the Terms streaming music service.
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What is the free listening to music on the Internet legally, Spotify goes in the right direction. Who wants to have full access to the Spotify catalog, wants to hear songs and offline and want to be legally on the safe side, should consider whether it still € 9.99 a month is not worth the music of his favorite artists.


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