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The panoramas in Horizon: Zero Dawn offer you special views about the wonderful game world and insight into the background of history. They are collector's items in the higher regions, so it is not so easy to find them. But how do you like this summit and what Belohnugen waiting for you? We show you the sites mentioned, lest you free will to mountaineers.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn offers you a whole range of collectibles. In addition to panoramas there are metal flowers, Banuk characters and old vessels. These three groups bring you modification crates, if you eintauscht the items at artifact dealers. The panoramas situation is similar, but you get as a reward rather background information and keep a supply box with an amount metal shards.

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Horizon &# 8211; Zero Dawn: All about the panoramas

You can total 12 panoramic data points Horizon: Zero Dawn find. The easiest way you can find the appropriate locations by ye one from a dealer map buys. This will get you already for a couple of metal shards and some barter. The costs have caught up with her quickly because each panorama has a power supply box in his presence, which includes enough metal disks. This can also help you with other things going you to buy some of the many weapons.

Horizon Zero Dawn panoramasThe panorama data points reward you with a supply box.

Have a panorama found her, this is a sort of lookout, from where you can look in front of you in the impressive field. To do this you listen to a part of the background history and so learn a little more about the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. You see the past and get an impression of how the game world has once looked. Have gathered you all panoramas, you can unlock another trophy as a reward.

Horizon Zero Dawn panoramic locationOnly for the sake of view, the search is worthwhile for all twelve panoramas.

Unfortunately, the cards the dealer does not show you the direct locality, but only one area in which the panoramic data point lies. Therefore, we have summarized all of you localities of the panoramas in our video:

4242Horizon - Zero Dawn: All panoramas - localities

By searching for the panoramas you get often a good overview as area before you. It warns you of monsters and shows you occasionally even the positions of the long necks. Do you still have more tips or information to panoramas in Horizon: Zero Dawn? Then they like to share with us in the comments.

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