WhatsApp slow? This is because it, so it’s changed!

WhatsApp is far too slow, responding sluggishly or sent any messages? We show you reasons why that may be, and solutions, as you WhatsApp makes faster.

3 must WhatsApp tricks that know their

904768Three WhatsApp tricks that should necessarily know their

WhatsApp slow? Because it can be

That's WhatsApp slow, can have different causes and show themselves in the following ways:

  • WhatsApp reacts really quickly news can only slowly send or receive? Then you look at this article to: WhatsApp does not send that one can do.
  • Is your complete Internet including WhatsApp and other applications on PC, tablet or smartphone much too slow? Then looks here: Internet slow &# 8211; What can I do against it?
  • your high-speed data volume may also quite simply run out of your flat rate. In this case, one could think of a WhatsApp SIM.
  • Is your mobile phone is generally much too slowly or slower than it should be? Smartphone is slow &# 8211; Because it could be.
  • Is your cell phone maybe just too old and no longer powerful enough? With us you will find the best mobile phones and smartphones for WhatsApp.
  • Sometimes just a long time only a hook with WhatsApp and you know not appear why? Then look here for: WhatsApp catch: The mean first and second tick.
  • When images and audio recordings are transmitted slowly, you're probably not logged in via a wireless network. Android smartphone with Wi-Fi connected: because on the mobile data connection the whole thing is much slower than at home via Wi-Fi.
  • Invite her a large file down or their streams via Netflix & Co. uses a movie while her WhatsApp? This can also lead to WhatsApp reacts much slower and more sluggish than usual.
  • It is possible that WhatsApp servers are the cause of the slowness: checks their status in WhatsApp at: settings, system status.
  • Find a festival or concert held in your neighborhood? Do you live in a big city? This can also cause the radio cells are overloaded because too many people simply use WhatsApp, and the networks are busy. Here you must wait or move away)
  • If your android memory is full, which is also your cell phone and WhatsApp may slow.
  • Asks you also for your network provider to see if there is a malfunction.

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Sometimes you see keien blue tick, although the message has arrived. This may also be because the WhatsApp version of the receiver is out of date.Sometimes you see any blue tick, although the message has arrived. This may also be because the WhatsApp version of the receiver is out of date.Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

make slow WhatsApp quickly

Regardless of the causes, often help the following measures:

  1. Starts your smartphone new.
  2. If WhatsApp still running slowly, first creates a backup of your data: WhatsApp: Create a backup, back up data.
  3. now uninstalled the WhatsApp app and install it again afterwards on the Play Store.

In most cases, the uninstall should not be necessary to get afloat again WhatsApp.

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