MGS 5 – Phantom Pain: All trophies and achievements – Tips and Guide for 100%

Even before the publication you can take a look at the trophies and achievements in Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain throw. Here you are allowed you to hunt down 42 Achievements issued (43 trophies) and set the open world of stealth shooter's head. We tell you details and tips for 100% in MGS. 5


Pre Phantom Pain now: MGS 5*

The first time you are allowed in Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain Explore an open game world. Because there is plenty to do and as many unlock trophies and achievements. Before we start, you can you with the List of Achievements prepare for your role as a stealth agent. We listen to you all successes with associated activation conditions.

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MGS 5: Phantom Pain - important - transmitted Score from Ground Zeroes&# 039; s

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MGS 5 &# 8211; Phantom Pain: All trophies and achievements

A look at the successes reveals details about the game content. The most difficult thing is sure, complete all missions to rank S or to create 300 developable items, because of these achievements, there are each equal 100 points for Gamerscore or hot gold Trophies. 28 normal and 14 secret achievements There are to snag during the adventure. The secret trophies MGS 5 We tell you in a separate table below. So be warned, if you yourself do not be spoilern want.

Obtain all the trophies.
awakeningawakening gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; PROLOGUE: AWAKENING&# 8221; completed.
phantom limbsphantom limbs gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; phantom limb&# 8221; completed.
beekeeperbeekeeper gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; WHERE TO SLEEP THE BEES?&# 8221; completed.
The wheels turning-SichThe wheels turn gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; ON THE WAY IN HELL&# 8221; completed.
apprenticeapprentice gamer core 15bronze
A mission with a staff member of the combat unit.
completed all missions.
accomplishedaccomplished gamerscore-30silver
All mission tasks fulfilled.
All missions with Rank &# 8220; S&# 8221; completed.
Carried outCarried out gamer core 15bronze
CompletedCompleted gamer core 15bronze
All mine action-SIDE OPERATIONS completed.
ReachedReached gamerscore-30silver
All SIDE OPERATIONS completed.
CapturedCapturedgamer core 15bronze
captured a male or Sentinel.
commitmentcommitment gamerscore-30silver
fulfills all important external orders.
intruderintrudergamer core 15bronze
An infiltration FOB mission played.
Hit the alarmhit the alarmgamer core 15bronze
D-Dog made available for use.
SpeechlessSpeechless gamer core 15bronze
Quiet made available for use.
pickuppickup gamer core 15bronze
brought out an enemy soldier by Fulton.
interrogationinterrogation gamer core 15bronze
An enemy soldier interrogated.
Help-seamhelp is at hand gamer core 15bronze
A prisoner brought out.
traintrain gamer core 15bronze
extended staff of Mother Base to at least the 50th
battalionbattalion gamer core 15bronze
extended staff of Mother Base to at least 250th
brought all the teams / units at level 50th
improvementimprovement gamer core 15bronze
developed at least 50 developable items.
reinforcementreinforcement gamerscore-30silver
developed at least 100 developable items.
Loaded-and-EntsichertLocked and Loaded gamerscore-100gold
developed at least 300 developable items.
architectarchitect gamerscore-30silver
All platforms available for the Mother Base built.
prosperityprosperity gamer core 15bronze
In total at least 10 million GMP earned.
protectionprotection gamerscore-30silver
All wildlife species brought out.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: Chicken Hat - so you get the chicken mask


MGS 5 &# 8211; Phantom Pain: Secret Achievements

caravancaravan gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; CARAVAN OF TRAITOR&# 8221; completed.
be rightbe right gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; AGREE&# 8221; completed.
ImmortalImmortal gamer core 15bronze
mission &# 8220; METALLIC archaea&# 8221; completed.
skullskull gamerscore-30silver
mission &# 8220; sahelanthropus&# 8221; completed.
mission &# 8220; SILENT DEPARTURE&# 8221; completed.
truthtruth gamerscore-30silver
mission &# 8220; TRUTH: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD&# 8221; completed.
Faithful-Rosstrusty steed gamer core 15bronze
Relationship with D-Horse increased to the maximum.
The-Best-Friend-Of-PeopleMan's best friend gamer core 15bronze
Relationship with D-Dog increased to the maximum.
comradecomrade gamer core 15bronze
Relationship with Quiet increased to the maximum.
deterrencedeterrence gamer core 15bronze
developing a nuclear weapon.
disarmamentdisarmamentgamer core 15bronze
A nuclear weapon discarded.
collectorcollector gamerscore-30silver
get all the plans and important items.
memorymemory gamer core 15bronze
get all the souvenir photos.
herohero gamerscore-30silver
The code name &Held; # 8220&# 8221; receive.

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