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Also this year, junior Magath, football experts and passionate tinkerers may again prove their Bundesliga knowledge and tactical knowledge in world football. SI announced for fall with Football Manager 2015 is a new version of the world's most popular football manager.

EA Sports has the work on their own football management series buried with last year's part. However, from the manager's number does not mean that EA Sports is no longer adheres to the coveted Bundesliga license. The last contract expired in 2014, the beginning of August, Electronic Arts License Rights has however backed up again for managers simulations for the season 2015/16 to 2017/18. For this reason, the Football Manager 2015 will not be available in the normal way in Germany, but only as an export version.

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Football Manager 2015: release date

Here, the Football Manager applies to football fans as the better alternative when it comes to the tactical and economic spectacle surrounding the beautiful game in virtual form map. currently Global Offensive Team Fortress 2 and the most played games in Germany: In Germany, hardly noticed, is one of the Football Manager 2014 Steam according to the evergreens Dota 2, Counter-Strike. In Germany however, there is an already strong Football Manager community that will probably still grow considerably following the demise of the EA manager.


The release of Football Manager 2015 is scheduled for November. Reports ye as an insider at SI to, you'll get exclusive early access to news of the new manager game from the House of Sports Interactive. Preorder can also look forward to a Beta access to which can go before the official release in the first season her. As a little gimmick of FM 2015 will also integrate the Movember in the game. This is reflected in the number of players a mustache will grow. Behind the Movember campaign lies a charitable purpose, in which last year numerous celebrities, including footballers such. 04 have participated as Roman Neustädter from Schalke.


Who wants to miss any news about the new Football Manager should also keep the official Twitter channels to the game as well as by Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, in mind.

Football Manager 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux (Demo)

The progress of the beta version can take over their 2015 after the release of FM. Football Manager 2015 will be released for PC, Mac and Linux. Although a purchase via a Steam account with German IP is not possible, the use of imported versions and Steam-Keys was the last year feasible without problems about the games platform.


Meanwhile, a demo of Football Manager 2015 on Steam is available. With a German IP to download the demo, however, is unfortunately locked. Who but the game soon, z. B. through Amazon *Football Manager 2015 - Complete info at GIGA, can already access the beta version of FM 2015 and play in Germany.

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