Wattpad Delete Account: Instructions

Do you want to write your own fanfiction, you will find one of the largest communities in which it works your own present to a large audience and can browse itself in other written stories simultaneously Wattpad. For the use of a registration is necessary. If you have lost interest in the story platform, you should delete your Wattpad account.

Wattpad Delete Account: Instructions

In Wattpad users can make their own stories, poems and Fan Fictions online. Is creativity understood you, you have an alternative to Wattpad found or did you registered twice by mistake, you learn here how to delete his Wattpad account.

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Delete Wattpad account: how it works

Note that a deletion of the account online only in the browser is possible on the PC, not the phone.

  1. Login you first into the appropriate account information.
  2. Controls your profile picture in the orange bar of the browser in the upper area.
  3. Opens there the "Settings".
  4. Scrolls the window to the bottom.
  5. There you will find the right in the white strip on the side of the button "Close Account".
  6. Click the button and confirms the following security questions.
  7. Have you done this, your Wattpad is permanently deleted.


completely erase Wattpad account

You should your login Wattpad not remove it from frustration or as a result of a knee-jerk reaction, but probably superior to unsubscribe. Once the account has been deleted, all your data and stories, as well as fans and votes are irrevocably removed. A recovery is not possible.


Do you want to delete only one book on Wattpad opens the section for your "works". Right next to the book title there is a button with three dots. Click on it and the "Delete Story" button appears. In this way, the selected story is permanently deleted. In the app you reach the function over a mop to the right.


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